Roll Compactor


SB Roll Compactor is designed for the densification by compacting powder for the Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drug Industries in particular and Food & Chemical industries in general. SB Roll Compactors are designed specially for continuous processing of a wide variety of materials. By virtue of its construction and design, it ensures easy and quick clean up required for frequent product changeover

Salient Features:

  • Roll Compactor models SBRC 200/50 & SBRC 200/75 comply with all cGMP requirements. All contact parts are made of SS304 / SS316. All covers are designed to obtain dust-free operation, however all product contact areas are easily accessible for cleaning. CM Roll Compactor models SBRC 200/100 & SBRC 200/150 can be supplied to comply cGMP requirements.
  • Feed screw is sleeplessly driven through variable frequency controlled speed drive. Mechanical and electrical safety devices are included for operator’s safety.
  • A double output shaft gearbox, with step pulley drive and the necessary couplings, drives the rolls. The double output shaft gearbox ensures synchronization of the rolls and an equal distribution of the torque to the rolls.
  • Conical predensifier screw is supplied. The screws are cylindrical at base to enable accurate metering.
  • The feed screw assembly can be hydraulically lifted by hand operated hydraulic pump and swung aside. This facilitates easy access and cleaning of all parts having contact with the product.
  • Hard chrome plated & mirror finished compacting rolls are made of Tool steel, hardened to 55HRc approximately and are keyed into shafts and protected against axial slipping by stuffing pieces.
  • Scrapper assembly is designed to dismantle for ease of cleaning.
  • Locating guide at bottom of the hopper is provided for easy assembly.
  • All parts of the compacting head and feeding device in contact with the product are made from corrosion resistant steel or protected by chrome plating to avoid contamination of product. The gaps on both sides of the rolls are sealed by stuffing pieces to prevent leakage and loss of pressure in the product. Hard chrome plated stuffing pieces are made of hardened steel to resist wear.
  • Pre-compaction chamber guides the product to rolls without any slippage or leakage.
  • Electrical interlocking between main roll drive and feed screw drive.
  • Built-in control panel for models SBRC 200/50 & SBRC 200/75.
  • Separate control panel for models SBRC 200/100 & SBRC 200/150.

Technical Specifications:

Models SBRC-200/50 SBRC-200/100 SBRC-200/75 SBRC-200/150
Output 20 to 60 kg/hr 100 to 250 kg/hr 30 to 100 kg/hr 100 to 350 kg/hr
Roll Size Ø 200 mm x 50 mm W Ø 200 mm x 100 mm W Ø 200 mm x 75 mm W Ø 200 mm x 150 mm W
Roll Speed
( Step Pulley Drive)
6 to 25 RPM 6 to 22 RPM 6 to 25 RPM 6 to 22 RPM
Feed Screw Speed
16 to 60 RPM 16 to 50 RPM 16 to 60 RPM 16 to 50 RPM
Roll Drive Motor 5 HP, 960 RPM, 440V, 3 phase, 50 Hz 7.5 HP, 3 phase AC 5 HP, 960 RPM, 440V, 3 phase, 50 Hz 10 HP, 3 phase AC
Feed Screw Drive Motor 1 HP, 1400 RPM, 440V, 3 phase, 50 Hz 3 HP, 3 phase AC 3 HP, 1400 RPM, 440V, 3 phase, 50 Hz 3 HP, 3 phase AC
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1150 x 975 x 1700 1250 x 2350 x 1300 1150 x 975 x 1700 1250 x 2350 x 1300
Net Weight 1525 kg (Approx) 2750 kg (Approx) 1550 kg (Approx) 3000 kg (Approx)

Note: Dimensions & Technical Details are subject to change as per customers’ requirement without any further notice