Pharma Liquid Oral Processing Plant for Syrups & Suspensions, as per the customers’ requirements to meet WHO, USFDA, EU and MHRA norms. The Plant and equipment’s are manufactured as per cGMP guidelines and ASME standards, which can also be customized for a particular facility in some cases.

Liquid Oral Processing Plant for Syrups & Suspensions

Liquid Oral Processing Plant for Syrups & Suspensions


Sugar Melting Vessel
Pre-filtration unit
Syrup Manufacturing Vessel
Filtration unit
Storage Vessel
Control Panel
Product Piping
Working Platform
This system consists of a closed-circuit manufacturing facility from feeding of Sugar / Water Phase to loading the Liquid

  • Filling Machine.
  • The Sugar and Water are load with vacuum system or by mechanical system or manually.
  • Sugar syrup and manufacturing vessels are provided with limpet coils for heating and cooling, designed for internal vacuum to facilitate transfer of sugar directly from stores to sugar syrup vessel (In bigger size model).
  • Sugar syrup is transferred to manufacturing vessel through online sugar syrup prefilter by vacuum by vacuum or by transfer pump.
  • The product during emulsion formation is recalculated through In-Line Homogenizer or Liquid Transfer Pump. (Optional Facility)
    The Pump also discharges the product in the Storage Vessel.
  • The Storage Vessel is then taken to the filling area (if it is small capacity) and is connected to again Liquid Transfer.
  • The advantage of the bottom propeller agitator over the convectional agitators there are no vibrations of shaft, no coupling in the drive assembly, leading to lower maintenance cost.
  • Pump or Storage Vessel remains fixed (In bigger size) & pump transfer the Liquids in the float tank which is connected with filling machine.
  • Entry of all propeller agitations are from bottom through a specially designed mechanical seal face

The oral liquid manufacturing plant is designed to be operated by one operator and one helper, saving on precious man- power cost.
All material transfers are done by vacuum or by transfer pumps.
All the vessels are CGMP (paint free construction)
The gaskets used are of silicon (food grade).
All contact parts are of S.S. 304 quality material (SS316 provided on demand) & finished to class 4B (Mirror) finish and are crevice free.
The entry of stirrer & high-speed emulsifier is from top. In-line Emulsifier (as per customer choice) provided on
All vessels are suitable for internal pressure of 1 Kg. / Sq. cm. and hence can be sterilized.
All pipes, pipe fittings and valves are of SS304 / SS316 (as per customer requirement) seamless quality, internally.
Pipes, pipe fittings and various are of SS 316, seamless, internally electropolished with DIN standard unions and silicon gaskets.
Capacity: 500 Litres to 20000 Litres

Shree Bhagwati Make German base latest technology in Liquid Processing Solutions in Semi-Auto or completely automated plant with PLC based Automation System as per 21 CFR Part 11 (Optional), SCADA SYSTEM.

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Process equipment is used in chemical and material processing for manufacturing pharmaceutical Final products.

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