Types of filling machines for different industries

In the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, there are many different types of filling machines which are used in filling many different kinds of products such as lotions, creams as well as powders into various containers such as ampoules, vials, bottles and many others. These types of machines include;

· Liquid filling machine.
· Tube filling machine.
· Tablet counting and filling machine.
· Bottle filling machine
· Cream filling machine.
· Oil filler machine.
· Pesticide filling machine.
· Vial filling machine
· Powder filling machine.

Despite the fact that powder filling machine is highly used to fill pharmaceutical powders of high values into their appropriate containers, it is worth noting that the liquid filling machine fills the liquid into their containers efficiently without there being any kind of wastage. Therefore, most pharmaceutical companies use the liquid filling machine to fill syrups, liquids chemicals into vials, containers and bottles. Liquid filling machines are there of various kind and different specification hence meet the basic filling requirement of various companies dealing with pharmaceutical. These kinds of machine are multi tasking and perform other tasks such as washing, capping as well as rubber stoppering. The tablet fillers are very crucial in counting the predetermined tablet numbers and filling them into the containers that are fed into the machine for effective filling. With modern technology, both tablets, liquid and powder fillers are advanced automated machinery that can pick up the containers to be filled automatically with the right product quantity, hence no wastage at all. You can possibly get the filler machines which are also classified depending on the container to be filled, in different features and specification depending on ease of operation, speed as well as other preferable factors from the machine. Read more in detail for Filling Machines.

Filling machines are very important in their application in various industries such as; beverage industries, pharmaceutical industries, food industries as well as many other industries that requires filling and packing of products in their day to day activities. These machines are very beneficial in ensuring cleanliness of products, hence enhancing confidence among the potential consumers. They are also fast, efficient as well as cost effective for the company.


It should be noted, that there is no single type of filling machine which can handle all liquids in all available industries. For instance, a machine which fills cosmetic cold cream cannot be used in filling bottle water; neither can chemical duty filler be used in filling dairy products of pharmaceutical grade. However, there are few filling machines that are versatile, cost effective to operate and own as well as practical as a result of there being many types of filling technologies. There are factor to consider while choosing a filing machine. These include temperature, viscosity, practical size, chemical compatibility, foam characteristics as well as effect to the environment. All the types of filling machines available, each one of them have its own merits and demerits.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery Company.