Filling, Capping & Labeling Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry in India

India’s pharmaceutical industry has an advantage of easy availability of raw materials and cheap labor, which has helped it to achieve a high growth rate. Further, various multi-national stakeholders have chosen to invest in the industry. The pharmaceutical machine industry has had to catch up with the increased growing demand for different requirements.

Filling machinery is used to put the contents of a container into the packaging material. There is liquid filling machine and powder filling machine to suit the different chemicals and products in a pharmaceutical processing plant. The machines ensure that the products are securely placed into the containers to avoid spillage and wastage before reaching the consumer.

Capping machinery is required to seal containers like caps and vials. The capping machine is categorized as either automatic or semi automatic capping machines. Automatic capping machines can seal up to 100 containers per minute while semi-automatic machines will do up to 40 containers. This will depend on the size, shape, quantity and number of containers being sealed at a go. Labeling machinery is very important because it allows for a pharmaceutical company to differentiate its products and give them a unique identity.

Labeling is important in giving directions of use and warnings on the product, as well as showing the expiry dates. Effective marketing is also dependent on the labeling. A good labeling machine will ensure that the label sticks on the packaging for as long as possible so that the information is well conveyed to the consumer.

Processing & Packaging Machinery for Cosmetics and Breweries Industry

a. Filling machine

The cosmetic industry has items such as lotions, creams, oils and powders that are used as beauty and medical solutions. A liquid filling machine that is best suited for this industry must be able to handle the sticky substances which are normally viscous in nature. A powder filling machines will enable the flour-like substances to be carefully placed into the respective containers without losing the light contents that are easily blown away by wind currents.

The breweries industry will mostly require need the liquid filling machine technologies to fill up the bottles with the desired drink for consumption. The machine must insert the liquid

b. Capping machine

Packaging in the cosmetics and breweries industries will differ in diameter, shape and material. A capping machine will be used to seal the package so that the contents remain in the container until it is opened by a consumer. The sealer should be tightly placed so that the cosmetic product or brewed liquid is kept from spilling regardless of how the container is placed.

c. Labeling machine

Labels will be important in identifying products. There are thousands of cosmetic products in India and consumers must be notified of their existence in the most attractive and informative way. A labelling machine is used to stick the label onto the container so that the product is unique and all information is passed on according to the rules governing the labeling procedures.

Breweries industry has many brands of drinks. A labeling machine will place the label with the name, logo and content information on the bottle of the drink so that consumers are able to identify their favorite drink at the counter or supermarket shelves.

Food & Edible Oil Packaging Machinery

Food and oils must be placed in protective packages so that their quality and quantity remains uncompromised until the consumer is ready to use the product. Packaging machinery must ensure that the package material chosen for the food and oil products totally covers the contents to prevent entry of germs and other harmful substances. Packaging machinery used are flexible to fit the different sizes, materials and designs required for the industry in India. There are different machines to package liquid, semi-liquid, solid and powder products. There are special machines to enable wrapping of products like candy. In addition, packaging material must be well labeled depending on the contents. Click hereto know more about Packaging Machinery Market in India.

Growing Processing and Packaging Machinery Market in India

In India, food processing is a large industry which consequently provides the largest market for processing and packaging machinery. An annual increasing rate of over $15.6 billion has characterized the industry. This is mostly due to the large population which needs to be fed, hence, the need for many food processing plants to supply the demand for food items. The middle class is also growing as well as a favorable retail sector that enhances packaging. Packaging machinery manufacturers are around 700 in the country, while imports account for a large part, mostly from China, Korea, Germany, Italy and Taiwan. There is increased demand for packaging material such as paper and laminated material. The low cost of production is also a growth factor.


The thriving processing and packaging industry is yet to be fully utilized. This can be seen from the continuous growth experienced in recent years, and which continues to date. The industry has been favored by the utilization of locally available materials and labor which means that all the proceeds remain in the country and van be used to further develop the industry and the nation at large. Improved innovations will ensure that India becomes a leading force in the processing and packaging industry.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery Company.