Shree Bhagwati is Leading Manufacturing company Wide range of equipment with turnkey setup for  Ointment , Cream, Lotion and Gel Manufacturing Plant , Mixer , Making plant for beauty and cosmetic manufacturing industries in years and also mayonnaise Manufacturing Plant, jam Manufacturing Plant, margarines Manufacturing Plant, shoe creams Manufacturing Plant.

Ointment and Cream Manufacturing Plant / Skid

Ointment and Cream Manufacturing Plant / Skid

Looking for emulsion batch mixers for sale for the production of body creams, face creams, cold creams, beeswax creams,  herbal, organic & ayurvedic cosmetic & beauty products for skincare, hair, bath & body, ointments and other cosmetic cream formulations design in Asia and US and is suitable for making small to medium batches of cream and emulsions.

Herbal cosmetics and cosmeceuticals , ayurvedic cosmetics for skincare, facial, hair care, and body care products that are natural & inspired.

Our specialized mixing & Blending, Dyeing equipment !



Cosmetics & Toiletries : Creams, lotions, wax, mascara, gels, toothpaste

Pharmaceuticals: ointments, dental composite, syrup, injections

Food: mayonnaise, dressings, jam, butter, margarines, wasabi

Chemicals: polyester, synthetic fibers, shoe creams

Cosmetic cream Manufacturing plant

Cosmetic cream Manufacturing plant

Technical feature:

Main Vessel:

  • Choice of various type of anchor design.
  • Homogeniser (option) Top Entry, side Entry, Bottom Entry with circulation facility
  • Hydraulic lid lifting for fast & easy cleaning of top dish & vessel.
  • Load Cell for fast & accurate measuring system.
  • Flexible product transfer pipe & fitting in case of load cell & hydraulic lifting.
  • VFD for Anchor agitators to vary the RPM.
  • VFD for Homogeniser to vary RPM.
  • Specially Design drive assembly.

Wax vessel:

  • Open top with top Entry agitator Cowl disc type or paddle with Slow Speed Anchor.
  • Close top with top/bottom entry agitator Cowl disc type or propeller type stirrer.

Water Vessel:

  • Open top with top entry propeller stirrer
  • Close top with bottom or top entry propeller

Design Base:

  • A Special pharmaceutical design enables application in biotechnical process. Material, surface as well as general design are in keeping with the GMP directives as well as the recommendations of the FDA & USFDA.
  • Vessel design as per ASME guideline and tailor made design as per users / product Requirements.
  • All vessel are per GMP regulations.
  • Total plant is design & supplied as per CGMP guidelines
Shampoo, Lotion, Hair oil Manufacuting plant

Shampoo, Lotion, Hair oil Manufacuting plant


Solid and cream Mixing and Storage

Solid and cream Mixing and Storage

Advantages :

  • Choice of various type of anchor design
  • Simple to operate
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Fully Automated
  • Fast product change over
  • Rapid & effective cleaning CIP/SIP
  • Integration into existing process control system
  • Mixing, dispersing & homogenizing in one operation
  • Homogenous product consistency without trapped air bubbles


  • Oil hydraulic lifting system available for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Contra mixing part or other slow agitator designs available
  • Mettler-Toledo load cells
  • Delta, Schneider or Siemens PLC for automation of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, transferring, heating and cooling etc
  • Flow meter automation for feeding liquid oil and water
  • Pressure vessel design for different steam pressure
  • SIP is available upon request
  • Different power supply acceptable

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