Tablet Coater, Film Tablet Coater, Tablet coating machine S-BTC & S -BFC ( SHREE BHAGWATI  TABLET COATER & SHREE BHAGWATI FILM COATER ) CAPACITIES AVAILABLE : 12 “, 15″, 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60“, 66″, 72″, and 96″Dia.


Film coating processes can be divided into three basic operations spraying, drying and mixing. Guarantee excellent product processing with exceptionally high profitability.

Working Principle :

The tablet to be coated make continuous complicated orbital motion the closed rotating Drum under the action of a streamline of Baffles. During the motion coating medium automatically sprays according to the technological process and rational technological parameters, at the same time hot filtered air supplied under a negative pressure. The hot air penetrates through the tablets core layers and is discharged from the bottom of the layers, so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of the tablet cores will dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth surface film on tablet. The whole process is finished under the automatic by PLC Controls with touch screen Interface.

The tablets are placed in a sealed rotating drum and then sprayed automatically for even coating. Polymer film or sugar coatings are common, or other drugs can be incorporated to prevent chemical incompatibility.

The high-end version of the SHREE BHAGWATI coater designed specifically for high speed, problem-free coating, providing unparalleled tablet uniformity and efficiencies. A high containment execution is also available.

Film Coaters – SBFC - Tablet Coater

Film Coaters – SBFC – Tablet Coater

Developed the future of tablet coating, the high-efficiency SHREE BHAGWATI Tablet Coater (S – BTC). The tablet coater reduces processing times up to 35 percent compared to conventional tablet coating systems, yielding significant cost savings and improved campaign efficiency while maintaining cGMP standards.


The tablet coater’s elongated coating pan provides a larger tablet spraying surface accommodating up to 10 spray nozzles, which delivers more suspension solution and reduces overall coating time. The SHREE BHAGWATI Tablet Coater S- BTC’s integrated mixing baffles are double-helix shaped to ensure thorough tablet mixing with gentle handling. The baffle design provides 100-percent tablet discharge, increasing campaign efficiency.


  • Compact washing machine
  • Coating machine for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Coating machine for pharmaceutical applications
  • Tablet coating machine
  • High-performance coating machine
  • Laboratory coating machine


Tablet Coater

Tablet Coater

Electric motors: They ensure that every part that requires motor automation performs efficiently and provide continuous tablet coating machine operations with enough supply of power.


Peristaltic pump: It ensures the primary role of constant pressure in the machine. The pump plays a role in the stabilization of the atoms.


The Pan cooling surface: Volume of the spraying solution is regulated here with the inbuilt automation. Its parts include the electronic pulse valve, a discharging device, an exhaust dust collector, an air heating unit, and an air distribution device.


Spraying system: Consists of one gun and some other components of this part are the nozzle, tank, and a pump, where it stores the tablet coating solution.


Benefits of the SHREE BHAGWATI Film Coater:


  • State of the art coating technology
  • Homogeneous mixing due to patented spirals
  • Gentle mechanical treatment of tablets cores to avoid edging and breaking
  • Simple and quick discharging by reversing the direction of rotation
  • Nozzles with AB-caps ensure long enduring operation
  • Geometrical similarities of all machine sizes ensure secure scale-up conditions
  • Unique cleaning abilities with integrated high-pressure washing-system
  • High sophisticated control system
Film Coaters – SBFC - Tablet Coater

Film Coaters – SBFC – Tablet Coater

  • Spraying
  • Blending
  • Drying

The product range of the SHREE BHAGWATI Film Coater SBFC contains:








suitable for both film coating and sugar coating with Solution tank with stirrer, peristaltic pump and anti-bearding spray gun ensure efficient coating.

Inlet AHU and exhaust AHU regulate the airflow to maintain negative pressure, required temperature and air volume in the chamber for controlled drying. Each of the air handling units are designed to meet the customer’s individual needs and are configured to meet even the most demanding environmental conditions.

SHREE BHAGWATI  is one of the leading companies in manufacturing innovative technology which is established in 1995.The company is well known for the planning and application of equipments for pharmaceuticals. It offers automatic optimal machine systems for pharmaceutical tablet manufacture, for weighing granulation, blending and tablet coating machines design engineering, expert craftsmanship and a level of quality control that is unprecedented in the industry.

The Automatic coaters were specifically developed for coating tablets. With our coater range, we are the technological market leader.

Tablets are the most widely used method of drug delivery & is one of the most common forms of medication. With globalization, it is more & more imperative for companies to produce medication & ship them in a safe, sure & efficient way. Tablets provide this possibilities & Shree Bhagwati is at the forefront, for more than 30 years, delivering high quality & high efficiency Tablet coater to the life sciences industry.

PLC with color Touch Screen panel. Process edition by product. Intelligent identification of operators. JOG function, for cores heating and cooling. Control of differential pressure in filters. Solution container. Peristaltic pump with volume control. Graphics outline. PLC condition display on screen. Dew point display on screen. Printing reports. Automatic washing system.

Automatic Coated tablets are easier to swallow and can be better distinguished due to different colors. CAPACITIES AVAILABLE: 12 “, 15″, 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60“, 66″, 72″, and 96″Dia. We designed for GMP compliance and offers high-speed and precision coating. Medium Scale. Lab Scale. Large Scale.

  • Different models for different volume requirements

  • Drum sizes from laboratory up to industrial batch sizes

  • Complete automatic control of the whole coating process

  • Turnkey installation service

  • Modular architecture permits customised solutions

We Specially Designed customized tablet coating equipment. Our automatic tablet coating machine has better process efficiency, anti-beard cap, and Built-in WIP, require OEB 4 compliance.