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Octagonal Blender (2)

General Description:

Octagonal Blender machine, the unique octagonal shape is designed to process larger volume of material for efficient angular momentum of the powder to achieve blend uniformity. It is ideal for gentle blending of dry granules or for powder mixing and has wide applications range across many industries.

Blenders are used for mixing, lubricating and blending in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Chemical, cosmetics, ceramics, pesticide, plastics and other Allied industries

  • cGMP construction with cladded polished S. S. Sheets with S.S 316 Contact parts and 304 non-Contact parts
  • Lower Power consumption than other tumble blenders
  • Slow speed Blender with Gentle blending of Dry granules and powder
  • Zero Jerk Load as machine is both dynamic and statically balanced
  • Pneumatically actuated valves for dust free transfers
  • Bins with Level sensory for automatic cut off
  • Mechanical Seals on shafts for Pneumatic connections
  • cGMP design for ease of cleaning


Octagonal blender

Optional Features Of Octa blender:

  • Dust free closed system in Bin charging
  • Material handling through Bin charging or Vacuum charging
  • CE Certified
  • Option of 21cfr part 11 compliance control system

This machine is basically a container which tumbles around, and its own axis driven by gear box and motor. Loading & unloading is easy. The working capacity of the blender is 70% of total volume.


Specially designed swivel type baffles fitted diagonally inside the shell for faster and efficient blending of product.
Drive Mechanism:

Consists of 5HP 3 phases, 415 V, 50 cycles 1400 RPM, TEFC electric motor coupled with 6” gearbox and chain drive to achieve 6 to 10 working RPM.

2 Nos. ‘A’ shaped rigid fabricated body each other supported with angle and channel frame within the specific distance to centralize Octagon. The driving shaft of the shell is mounted on a suitable Plummer bearing block parallel to the floor surface. The entire body will be covered with SS for protection.

Safety Arrangement:
SS square pipe, safety guard is provided along with limit switch arrangement to prevent the unit from starting when the operator is working on the machine and when the railing is not in the position.

Specification of Octagonal blender machine:octagonal blender technical specification

MODEL Gross working capacity (lit) Working Capacity (lit) Length (mm) Breadth (mm) Width (mm) Motor (H.P) Weight (kg)
OB LAB 1-30 0.7-21 0.5-1 250
OB – 100 100 70 1000 800 1400 3 800
OB-300 300 210 1550 1200 1700 3 2000
OB -750 750 525 2000 1500 2600 5 2600
OB -1500 1500 1050 2300 1600 2800 7.5 3000
OB – 3000 3000 2100 2600 1900 3200 10 4000
OB-5000 5000 3500 3500 2500 4000 15 4500
OB – 8000 8000 5600 4000 2900 4600 20 5500
OB – 16000 16000 11200 4400 3600 5200 30 7000

octagonal blender use

The Octagonal Blender Machine gives the best result for granules due to the container’s prolonged speed and octagon shape. It can be used for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, and Cosmetic products, etc.

Note : Vacuumized Powder charging system is also provided on request.

Octagonal blender working

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Application & Process :

Blenders are used for mixing, lubricating and blending in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Chemical, cosmetics, ceramics, pesticide, plastics and other Allied industries

The octagonal shape blenders have six corner of product container for more tumbler effect to the material for fast and homogenizing mixing. It can perform homogenously dry mixing of free flowing powders, granules requiring low shearing force, Mixing and Blending of particles with rapid intermixing of particles irrespective of varying specific gravities. The material is loaded into the blender drum. The octagonal blender is tumbles the material in the container and spread out. The mixing is achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with better homogeneity.