Salient Features:

The Bhagwati Inspection table is equipment consisting of a two (Single Side seating arrangements) or three (Double Side seating arrangements) tracks conveyor with a hood with lighting arrangement and visual inspection background of alternate black & white colour.


The central conveyor belt brings the bottle from the capping/washing machine conveyor. These bottles are automatically bifurcated on the two adjoining conveyor belts & further on the side tables for operators sitting on either side of the table. The operators in turn pick up the bottles & visually inspect the bottles in the alternate white & black background to check for any partials in the Liquid filled, sealed & breakage of bottle. After inspection the bottles are placed in the central track, which is transfer for labelling.

  • Black & White (Both) Screen per seat.
  • Height adjustable 800 mm ± 50 mm.
  • Provision for Tube light fitting.
  • S.S. Belt size: 90mm [W].
  • S.S. Top 18 Gauge. 304 Quality
  • Speed Variable A/c Drive System.
  • Structure 1.25 S.S. Square pipe.
  • 3 Phase, 3/4 HP. Motor with gear box.

Utility Requirement:

  • Electrical supply : Single Phase + Neutral + Earthing
  • Electrical load : 0.5 KW

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