This machine is specially designed for 100% visual inspection of tablets from both sides. 100,000 tablets per hour can be inspected on this new GMP model by employing two Operators, thereby reducing inspection cost considerably.


Tablet Inspection belt consist of stainless steel complete body, S.S. Hopper, from which tablets fall on a Six (6)” inches magnetic Vibrator that removes chips an dust from the tablets and feed them on six (6)” inches wide belt for one operator to inspect one side of the tablets. These tablets are automatically passed on another belt for second operator to inspect the other side of the tablets (Min size of the tablet 3mm & Max. size of the Tablet 14 mm.


The intensity of the vibration of the vibrator can be varied to ensure smooth falling of tablets on the belt, similarly speed of the belt can also adjusted so that inspection rate can be increased-depending on the percentage of the rejections. Complete body, Hopper top angles etc are made of stainless steel. Main stand is of M.S. angles. The three side of the stand is covered with stainless steel patty & S.S. Door.


Two foot switches are provided for Operators.

The machine is suitable for 230 volts single Phase. A.C. 50 Hg. & as per GMP Standard.


Special Features:

  • All contact parts are made of stainless
  • Steel or synthetic materials as nylon, etc. ensuring non-contamination.
  • Nylon endless conveyor belt, apart from having long life, is also washable and easily replaceable type.
  • Both conveyor speed and Tablet feed is adjustable.
  • Extra large hopper for less frequent fillings, having holding capacity of about 25 to 30 Kg.
  • Hopper position is vertically adjustable with a knob.
  • Level in the hopper is easily visible to the operators.
  • Guide Rollers are with double ball bearings thus offering smooth motion to the conveyor.
  • Special tablet dust filter mesh is provided at the vibrator.
  • Dust collecting tray with cleaning brush is also provided below the conveyor.