Tablet Coating Machine – Tablet Auto Coater machine -Auto Coater, Tablet Auto Coater

CAPACITIES AVAILABLE: 12 “, 15″, 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60“, 66″, 72″, and 96″ Dia Auto coaters are used to coat tablets, pills, candies, granules

Salient Features:-

 Interchangeable Pan
 Solid Pan for confectionery products.
 Wet Scrubber
 Dry Dust Collector
 Steam or Electric Heat Exchanger.
 Tablets charging by bin loader.
 SCADA Connectivity.

Tablet pan coating machine - Film Coating System

Tablet pan coating machine – Film Coating System


The Shree Bhagwati SBTC Tablet Coater machine is synonymous with best economical tablet coating systems. The flat tablet bed, NEw latest technology air flow system and high spray volumes ensure quality and shorten processing times by up to 35 -40 %. The SBTC sets standards with its top mixing performance and therefore guarantees an extremely uniform application of the coating.


Many pharmaceutical doses in tablet form require a coating before they are ready for use. These layers can be purely visual, providing a color difference, or may be based around sugars in order to increase palatability.

Tablet Coating Machines | Fast. Efficient. Flexible

Tablet coater Successful film coating processes are founded in three basic operations: spraying, drying, and mixing. Each individual production step must be carefully planned and optimized in harmony with the other steps. The SBTC Tablet Coater is setting standards regarding quality and economy.


Worls class product processing with high profitability


In the SBTC Tablet Coater machine and system, a flat tablet bed with a long pans geometry ensuring the optimal best flow of the tablet cores. The systematic forced guidance in the pan keeps the loads in constants motion. This prevent twinning and loss of solid and coating are kept very low. Novel concepts regarding both process and cleaning, improve the functionality of the tablet coater and produce outstanding results.

Film Coaters – SBFC - Tablet Coater

Film Coaters – SBFC – Tablet Coater -Tablet Coating Pan, Pan Coating Machine, coating machine in pharmaceutical industry

“Tablet Auto coater“is used to coat tablets, pills, candies, granules, sweets with sugar film, an organic film, and aqueous coating in the Pharmaceutical and food industry.

Our range of tablet-coating machines is engineered to handle a variety of coating applications, including film, seal, sugar, and enteric coating – from feasibility to very large-scale production. We also have a specialist range that supports containment tablet coating for highly potent APIs. Innovative features, such as our exclusively developed spray nozzle and enhanced baffle design, help ensure a faster and more streamlined coating process. Meanwhile, our user-friendly features – advanced ergonomics and smart controls – make operations more intuitive and easier to maintain.

Film Coating System/Tablet Coating Machine

Film Coating System/Tablet Coating Machine

Film Coating System/Tablet Coating Machine

Tablet-Coater-Perforated &Interchange-Pan-2

Tablet-Coater-Perforated &Interchange-Pan-2

Advanced Film Coating Machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal, chemical, food and confectionary industries.
Tablets Coated and Uncoated Tablets

Tablets Coated and Uncoated Tablets

This machine features high quality, advanced design and is manufactured in conformance to the cGMP standard. SHREE BHAGWATI’s film coating machines are ideal equipment for coating tablets, pills, capsules or candies with organic film, water-soluble film, slow and controlled release film, and sugar film. We have state-of-the-art technology to solve issues arising from difficult to coat products.

Layout of tablets coating machine

Layout of tablets coating machine

Automated control system : The part controls the various functions automatically, for instance, operation of the machine, and the regulation of speed, pressure, and temperature.

Electric motors : They facilitate various tablet coating machine operations such as blowing air, mixing, and pressure creation.
The touch screen operating panel facilitates observation, the input of controls, and monitoring by an operator with a user-friendly interface.

Guide plate: It allows for the smooth tumbling of the tablets when blowing hot air through them during the drying process.
Peristaltic pump ensures constant pressure in the machine. During the spraying process, the pump aids in the stabilization of the atoms.

Spraying system: Components of this part are the nozzle, tank, and a pump, where it stores the tablet coating solution, ensures atomization stability, cleaning, and maintenance of the spraying pump.The Pan cooling surface consists of an automatic load cell system that helps in regulating the volume of the spraying solution. Its components include the electronic pulse valve, a discharging device, an exhaust dust collector, an air heating unit, and an air distribution device.

Coating preparation tank: The part facilitates the preparation of the coating solution

We are well known for auto coaters manufacturer


  • Automated process
  • Conforms to cGMP
  • Flexible batch operations
  • Product protective handling to prevent clipping of tablets
  • Complete separation of production and technical area
  • Extremely user-friendly software and operation through PLC
  • Excellent mixing and tumbling by a unique design of baffles
  • Made up entirely of S.S. 316
  • Advanced CIP system
  • Treatment of exhaust for pollution-free operation
  • AHU comprise of pre-filter, Micro vee filter/HEPA filter.
  • Auto coater design to meet process requirements/space limitations.
  • De-humidification of inlet air using chilled water, brine or desiccant systems.
  • Air heating system with a choice of energy sources such as steam or electrical energy.
  • System comprises of efficient inlet air and exhaust air to create negative pressure inside the pan to make sure spray spread on to the tablets.
  • Spray pattern is achieved without any beard formation.
  • Spraying auto coater system Spray Guns shall be provided.
  • In Built WIP system is provided with necessary connections.
  • For the first time the distance between the bed & the spray nozzle is displayed on the HMI screen. Spray angle & distance are adjustable. The nozzles are easy to clean.
  • Auto coater can interchange a 48” pan for a 36” and further to 24” and so on This gives batch size flexibility in the same equipment.
  • Investment is only required for a single piece of auto coater equipment.
  • The discharging system is designed & engineered to discharge a single tablet from the pan without manual intervention.
  • The discharge system can be installed without any tools & is easy to remove from the pan after discharge.
  • MIMIC for the process will be provided in HMI.
  • CGMP model available.

We produce equipment in compliance with global norms including GMP, cGMP, and US FDA.

Tablet coating chamber -Film Coating Formulations

Tablet coating chamber -Film Coating Formulations

Film tablet coating chamber - Enteric Coated Medicines Dissolve

Film tablet coating chamber – Enteric Coated Medicines Dissolve

The World’s Most Advanced Tablet Coater 

The touchscreen interface has been designed for simplicity and clarity, and the whole system is fully 21CFR part 11 compliant.

Optional extras include companion stainless steel solution storage tank with heater element and a HEPA filtration system to allow maximum dust extraction or to handle hazardous product.

Isolator compatible for OEL 4 and 5 products