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TABLET COATING SYSTEM consists of main perforated pan coating chamber in process area along with solution tank , spraying pump and a flameproof operating panel. Air Handling unit for suction and exhaust are mounted in service area along with dust collector or wet scrubber.

  • Batch Capacity 5 kg to 1000 kegs 

The pharmaceutical tablet coating machines produced by Shree Bhagwati are redefining success in solid dosage form coating processes. Coaters are used for processing different shapes of tablets, capsules and pellets, The coating process can be divided into three Part assembly :  spraying of Liquid to be coated, drying of the tablets and mixing of the tablets.


Tablet Coater has a flat tablet bed, patented air flow system and high spray volumes which offer the most economical tablet coating process on the market by shortening processing times up to 35%. The unique air flow design introduces process advantages that have been unattainable until now. For example, the risk of spray-drying the suspension is completely removed, minimizing spray losses to less than 5% and enhancing the texture of the coating.


Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Machine : Special Advantage



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These pumps guarantee the following unique features:



Shree Bhagwati a technological-leader in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical solid dosage production equipment, offers a best-in-class line of tablet coating systems, designed specifically to ensure the highest possible process efficiency and product quality.



Tablet Coating Machines benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-gen technologies ensuring:


  • Processing times reduced by up to 35 % compared to conventional coating systems
  • Homogeneous mixing due to patented spirals
  • Gentle tablet handling, no tablet breaking or twinning
  • Uniform film application
  • Losses of spray suspension minimized to less than 5%
  • Fast and complete discharge
  • Easy scale-up
  • User-friendly software and display

Applications of Automatic Tablet Coating Machine , Tablet Coating Machine , Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Machine , Automatic tablet coating machine , Tablet Coater with Sugar Coating System, Film Coating, Super Coater, Enteric Coating, tablet coater machine.


Successful film coating processes are founded in three basic operations: spraying, drying, and mixing. Each individual production step must be carefully planned and optimized in harmony with the other steps. The SBTC / SBLC Tablet Coater is setting standards regarding quality and economy.


  • Pharmaceutical: For tablets film coating, enteric coating, sugar coating and control released coating.
  • Food: Film coating of the agriculture product and healthy food, sugar coating of chewing gum and candy.
  • Seed: For insect protection layer or nutrient.


Tablet Coating Machine - Automatic Tablet Coater, Film Coating Machine


  • The core contains a substance which imparts a bitter taste in mouth or has unpleasant odour.
  • To modify drug release profile e.g. sustained release, enteric coating, osmotic pumps etc
  • The core is pharmaceutically inelegant
  • Core contains a substance which is unstable in the presence of light and subject to atmospheric oxidation
  • The active substance is colored and migrates easily to stain patients hands and clothes
  • Separates incompatible substances by using the coat to contain one of them General Description

Optional features:

  • Imported Spray Nozzle (Spraying Systems –USA ; Shlick-Germany)
  • Imported Peristaltic Pump (Watson Marlow)
  • Options of Recipe Handling
  • Option of CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Flameproof panel in process area


Automatic Coaters are ideal for film and sugar coating of tablets, pellets, granules and other formed products.