Various types of shrink sleeve applicators are available depending on their mode of operation and the output of the machine. Various classifications include;

  • Higher output machines; the range varies from 400 labels per minute up to 600pcs per minute.
  • Machines designed to allow for quick change over from one line of product to another.
  • The width or the diameter of the containers also distinguishes the types sleeve applicators.
  • Tamper proof shrink sleeve applicators; all shrink sleeving machines must ensure that the label is tamper proof and prevents entry of moisture.

 Advantages of Shrink Sleeve in Packaging

  • The sleeve offers a wider area for product promotion, product information and decoration, which is very important in advertising and branding of the products. This goes a long way in attracting customers as well as retaining existing ones.
  • The flexibility of the shrink sleeve gives them wide applicability in that they can be used in any shape of bottle, container or any type of product.
  • They offer the best protection against contamination due to airtight seals thus appropriate for foodstuffs.
  • Shrink sleeves offer protection to product against scratching and physical damages that could occur during transport and shipment.
  • The shrink sleeves are cost effective and affordable therefore a great tool for promoting your products.


shrink sleeve applicator for Bottle , Jar , Tin, Vials

shrink sleeve applicator for Bottle , Jar , Tin, Vials

Comparison of Shrink Sleeves with Other Labeling Systems
Label application systems vary widely and depend on their intended use. Container labels have evolved from simple label dispensers; to more complicated systems such as the shrink sleeves machines and the shrink tunnel machines.
The traditional label applicators were not very effective due to the limited use that they offered. No tamper proofing was guaranteed because they only relied on the container cap for sealing. Another disadvantage of these labels is the limited space for displaying product information, which therefore affected the presentation of the product.
These concerns led to the development of the shrink sleeve applicator machines which are faster and flexible to deal with the increased demand and quality of the product.
 Products for Shrink Sleeve Packaging 
The range of uses of shrink sleeve applicators and labels is wide. This is because they can be applied on to every product packed on a container as well as on paper wrapping such as bar soaps.

  • In the food and beverage industry, the shrink sleeve label is important as it gives an airtight seal thus protecting the product against contamination which could be harmful to the body.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is also another critical area where shrink labels are important.
  • In soaps and detergent containers;

The shrink sleeve applicator is a machine used for placement of shrink sleeves on to product containers. The shrink sleeve is a multipurpose label used for product promotion as well as ensuring safety and protection of the products.
Various types of sleeve applicators are available based on their mode of operation as well as type of products they can be used on.
The shrink sleeve machines are available from various manufacturers and they can be produced based on the individual customer requirements.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery Company.