Sleeve applicator




Machine model SB-Sleeve-350
Capacity 300-350bpm Max.
Size L*W*H 2300*850*2000mm – Approx
Weight 600Kgs – Approx
Powder supply AC3-Phase 220/380V
Eligibility percent ≥99.5%
Total powder 2.5KW

Shrinkable labels

Materials PVC、PET、OPS
Thickness 0.03~0.13mm
Labels Length 40~200Mm
Flat width Max200Mm
Inner Dia. Of Labels roll 76mm

Bottles to pack

Height Max320mm
Diameter Ø28- Ø125mm
Material Glass、Metal 、Plastic
   Shapes Round, square, flat, curved cup-shaped bottles





Shrink Tunnel,


  • The blower motor’s holder is made of SS304 stainless steel.
  • The elbow which connects blower motor is made of SS304 stainless steel.
  • The whole of frame and doors are made SS304 stainless steel.
  • The steam spray tubes are made of SS304 stainless steel.
  • The steam transmission tubes are made of SS304 stainless steel.
  • The even vanes inside of blower is made specially by 304 stainless steel.



Blower powder supply Ø12,0.25KW
Powder supply 380v/220v/50hz
Running pressure Max 0.6Mpa
Weight 230kg
Steam consumption 24kg/h
Conveyor speed 0~35m/minute





SS Steam Shrink Tunnel: These are hot air steam shrink tunnel. A 3 Stage MS Steam Shrink Tunnel System is proposed to with respect to the production output speed required. Variable Frequency Drives are provided to the blowers to control the hot air flow. Side Plates are designed as per the bottle geometry to eliminate graphic distortion and to get wrinkle free sleeving results.


Conveyor System: This will be normal Slat Belt Conveyor – 6-8.5mtrs long(Extra Cost), duly fitted on angle/tube structured frames. VFD is provided to control the belt speed.


Hylem Pucks: Pucks are provided and mounted on the Slat Belt. The bottles are to be loaded manually in the pucks in such a way that the bottle center line is aligned with puck center line. The pucks are the change parts with respect to change in bottle size.


Sleeve Lowering Assembly:  A Rotating Brush Assembly is provided to lower the sleeves till bottom once applied on the bottles.


The machine is ergonomically designed for user friendly operation.