Salient Features:

  • Windows based operating system: More user friendly as compared to DOS based operating system.
  • On board multiple raster selection: It helps to select suitable raster format and achieve optimum print quality & print speed with respect to each application.
  • Clear Nozzle Test Routine: It cleans nozzle automatically in service mode resulting in better uptime and lower operator intervention.
  • Customized Message Settings: It not only stores the message but also its parameters such as character height, width, etc. This reduces setup time at the time of changeover and hence increases line efficiency.
  • Security Manager: Allows multiple levels of security/ password protection.
  • In built USB Port: To allow for exporting messages, logos, print settings (height, width, delay, etc.) for restoring printer setting or transferring to another printer. This feature helps to reduce setup time.
  • Built in Alarm Port: You can interlock it with production line so that if the ink jet.
  • Printer trips, it will stop your production line. Thus ensuring that no product moves out of your factory un-coded.
  • Built in Ethernet Port: You can connect printer to your LAN and can access following parameters with web server settings:
  • Remote message selection via web server
  • Remote view of production statistics
  • Remote view of alerts & events
  • Remote view of fluid levels
  • Simultaneously view multiple printer status’ remotely

Technical Details: :

Control Unit
Control Panel

Cabinet dimensions


Membrane touch button or optional 10.4″ SVGA
Colour touch screen.
Stainless Steel (304) designed to IP53 (BSEN 60529:1992)
245mm x 475mm x 725mm (9.6″ x 18.7″ x 28.5″)36kg (79lbs)
Character Control Auto repeat, Character width and height adjustment,
Auto invert/reverse, User defined clock format, Print delay,Sequential/batch numbering, Product counter, Inverse reverse and bold characters, Message repeat.
Ink System
Viscosity control Automatic
Ink bleed control Automatic on start up
Ink and make-up refill 825ml (.87qt) cartridge automatically metered
Peltier Optional
Print Head
Conduit length
Positive airAir dryer
240mm x 41mm x 47mm (9.45″ x 1.61″ x 1.85″)
3m (11’8) or 6m (23’6)
Optional internal supplyInternal compressor or factory air option
Temperature range
HumidityElectrical requirements
5 – 45°C (40 – 112°F) operating
10 – 90% (non-condensing)Single phase, fully auto-ranging 100-250V, 47-63Hz
Standard Connections:
Product detector

Shaft encoder input
Alarm beacon connector
Auxiliary alarms connector


NPN/PNP 12V 100MA for photocell or proximity detector.
IP68 6-way socket
NPN/PNP encoder 12V via IP68 6-way socket
IP68 7-way socket
IP68 9-way plug
IP68 RJ45 ConnectorIP68 USB connector
User port connector IP68 25-way socket
Data Input/output Options Serial RS232, Rate: 110-38.4k Baud, software configurable,
Accessories Full range of photocells, stands and bracketry