• Compact, Versatile and reliable Ampoules/Vials Washing Machine incorporating the latest GMP demands. Machine is totally enclosed S.S. construction with a flexibility to wash 1 ml to 20 ml ampoules and 2 ml to 100 ml vials with the help of suitable change parts.
  • The standard unit is having mechanical motorized cam operated valve system for observing total five washes in one cycle.
  • The unit built on S.S. square pipe frame and all contact parts with D.M. water, distilled water and air will be S.S. 304, poly-carbonate, silicone, brass and PVC.


  • Very robust construction for a long life and a continuous service
  • Positive and pressurized jets through washing needles for high pressure-cleaning at minimum usage of washing medias.
  • Sound design concept of pressure tanks for reserves and continuous supply of washing medias.
  • Both internal & external washes ensures absolutely clean ampoules/vials after sequential washing.
  • Acrylic top cover for clear view of washing events taking place in the machine
  • On line poly-carbonate housing with P.P. replaceable filter cartridge of 10 microns for water for best possible washing. All contact parts of washing media & compressed air are of S.S. 304 of HDPE or poly-carbonate or P.P.
  • In the event of acrylic cover lifted during cycle operation, the machine will automatically stop and restart stop and restart from the point, when cover pushed down and restarted.

Salient Features:

  • Very compact, rigid & modular construction.
  • Maximum eight air washes
  • All contact parts are of SS 304 or Hard-chrome plated or Brass for a corrosion free long life.
  • Over load clutch is provided to prevent jamming on machine.
  • No external lubrication required.
  • Pressure regulator with pressure switch optionally provided.

Technical Details:

432 001 NIL 12960
340 005 002 10200
240 010 003 7200
188 ANY SIZE 010 5640
100 ANY SIZE 030 3000
056 ANY SIZE 100 168

Note: Dimensions & Technical Details are subject to change as per customers’ requirement without any further notice