For an eye-catching product among others in the shelf, packing has a major role to play since consumers believe that effectiveness is directly related to the type of packing. The type of packing is therefore dependent on the type of machinery used. Since packing is believed to provide security and protection to the products, it is important to consider the following while looking for a packing machine. It should easily be upgradable with technology, it should be able to multi-task, and it should be reliable and be able to reduce the costs of production. Some of the packing machines available today include filling machine, tagging machine and capping machine.

Filling machine refers to a packing machine used to the bulk of some predefined value such as container or quantity. These machines have a wide range of applications in businesses since different types of filling machines are used to perform different industrial tasks. For example, one that is used to fill bottled water cannot be used to fill cosmetics cream. The type of filling machine to be used in an industry is therefore dependent on viscosity, size and shape of the product, environmental factors and chemical compatibility. Bottle filling machines are used in industries that produce products which require to be packed in bottles such as food, beverage and pharmaceuticals. Tube filling machines are used for packing products which require tubes. These include industries which produce grease, pastes, lotions, glues and some food products. Vial filling machines used in pharmaceuticals and food industries ensures efficiency during packing of product to avoid incidences of overdosing or under dosing.

Tagging machines are important in the packing industries since such companies are bound by the law to have well-defined and easy to read instructions on how to use their products, warnings and expiry dates that are clear and easy to read. Good labeling always gives a product a unique identity among others. Tagging machines therefore play a very crucial role in pharmaceutical industries. Some of the labeling machines include wet glue labeling machine, self adhesive labeling machine, wrap around labeling machine and sticker labeling machine. It is crucial to select a labeling machine that is proper for the needs and specifications of a product for encouraging results.

apping machines are used to the packing industries to seal bottle tops especially in pharmaceutical and FMCG industries. Cap sealing should be done in a germ free environment to avoid contamination of healthcare products, food and drinking products for a long period of time. It is therefore essential to automate it to avoid human contamination. Capping machines are therefore of different types depending on the type of container to be capped. For instance, screw capping machines are only used to seal bottles with screw heads. In case of bulk production and capping of a huge number of heads, multiple head capping machine provides an efficient and effective work completion within a short period of time, hence saving time. Click here to know more about Packaging Machinery.

In conclusion, packing machinery is important in any industry since it has the capability of influencing the cost of production of a given product in the business. The more efficient the packing machinery is the less cost of production is incurred and higher the number of sales made of that given product.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery Company.