Since the transition of India’s manufacturing industry from a state led development strategy to a market led industrial strategy, India’s manufacturing sector has grown by huge leaps and bounds with 82 % of the gross output from India being from the manufacturing industry. This development has also been occasioned by the explosion in globalization in the recent years making the world a global village where by customers in faraway lands can purchase goods and pay for them instantly without physically talking to the seller. These goods are then delivered to buyers through shipping lines or even air lines. This opening up of international markets has created a great need for the development of strong and stylish packaging systems that can appeal to the customer as well as withstand long distances of travel and handling without compromising the quality of appearance and product. The development and need to produce goods in bulk with quick and fast packaging has also created a great demand for packaging machines.


Packaging materials available are mostly in plastics form. In response to this demand there has developed a very strong industry that of manufacturing packaging machinery. These include filling machines, liquid filling machines, tube filling machines, powder filling machines and even bottle filling machines. Form filling machines using plastic material operate by making up bags by plastic out of a film, opening up the bags and continuously packing them with products and then sealing the bags. This form of packaging can be used for liquid and solid products such as powders, sealing batches such as dozens. Sealing is done through heat sealing where by a hot bar clamps the two edges of the plastic together.

Tube filling machines operate by feeding the tube into a rotating and guiding table, positions it and fills the product inside then seals it using heat sealing techniques. This packaging method can be used to pack items such as lotions, body creams, industry gels, various types of glues and even powders. Liquid filling machines are usually designed to package fluid into bottles such as medical drugs or even liquid juices for consumption. The empty bottle is fed into the machine special tubs project fluid inside and the filled package ejected into another conveyor for sealing. For more information about the Packaging Filling Machines, kindly visit –

Other types of filling machines available in India are such as dislocation pump fillers which are able to handle a wider variety of packaging products such as thick pastes such as honey, thin and water based packages, hair maintenance products as shampoos and a lot more varieties. The ability to be able to calibrate the machine to suit the type of product the business is handling has also been a key advantage.

Another key strategy that has led to the high development in form filling equipment is the ability to customize the application. Medium and small scale producers can now order a packaging machine to suit their needs. The development of the packaging machinery industry in India continues to grow with new frontiers emerging such as that of high speed labeling machines.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery Company..