Capping machines are special devices that create and form all sorts of bottle, plastic, and glass caps. Bottling, pharmaceutical and distilleries have their own capping machine to make their production fast as the demands increase. These machines come in different types and sizes. Their main function is to tighten the screw and lug the caps depending on their diameter sizes.

Types of Capping Machines for Different Industries

Pharmaceutical capping machines come in different models but they have only one purpose: to produce quality caps to seal medicines for long storage. Most of these types have modular filling with dosing pumps that are sturdy enough to handle both glass and plastic medicine bottles such as dermatological, ophthalmic, liquid medicines and IV bottles.

Food capping machines are designed with twist-off vacuums that are fit for sealing glass bottle using a steam exhaust. It is composed of devices for steam exhausting and converting device for frequency monitoring. To avoid food spoilage, this capping device has superb high automation features with full range screw caps for sealing bottles and canisters for juices, seasonings, and sweetened drinks

Beverage capping machines are highly automated, with full range capability that can seal multiple carbonated and liqueur bottle caps. It has its built-in cap pressing machine and equipped with types of wheels such as protruding wheel, entry pulling wheel and device for spring cylinder. It has the capability of sealing all sizes of bottle caps from 250 ml to gallons.

Capping machine

Screw capping machine is a traditional machine for capping that has been in used for the past few years. However, their practical use has made them a must-have capping devices for industries and businesses.

ROPP capping machine is a roll on capping machine with rotary device that has the capability for speedy productions. It can yield up to a thousand bottle caps per minute. This capping device is more popular than the other types.

Vial Cap Sealing Machine is designed to seal medicine vials to avoid spoilage and leakage. They can also handle all types of vial caps with guaranteed perfect sealing.

Automatic capping machine is suitable for all types of bottles and caps with speed of 200 cpm. It can handle all types of caps such as metal caps, flat caps, round caps, Yorker caps and sport caps.
Semi automatic cap sealing machine is a type of capper that does not have torque and it seals by using a pneumatic cylinder whereby the bottle machine operator presses the caps onto the bottle or container and then push the footswitch in manual machines.Click Here to get more information on Capping Machines for the Packaging Industry.

Application and benefits of Capping Machines in Packaging Industry

Capping machines are important devices in packaging industry because they can produce more caps compared to a human hand. Their applications can triple the cap productions for various industries. Whether the industry involves medicine, food, beverages, dairy products, solvents, cleaning chemicals, and cosmetic products, their uses are valuable to hasten their sales. Capping machines compose of the following:
Automatic Chuck Capping Machine
Automatic Cap Placer
Automatic Cap Tightener


The importance of a capping machine in any industries such as bottling, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and cosmetics have made doubled their productions. Sealing glass and plastic containers and bottles by using different machines for capping such as screw capping machine, ROPP capping machine, vial cap sealing machine and automatic capping machine have helped industries increase their sales as the demands for their products are high in the market.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery Company.