Blending system has replaced completely the conventional blenders like ‘V’ shape / Double cone or Ribbon type. It is a latest cGMP concept with an emphasis on the dust free transfer of powders and granules at different stages from sizing / dispensing to compression / filing of Tablets or Capsules.

One of the perfect example of batch blending where sized granules collected in a container, docked to the blender arm, clamped, lifted from a single end and tumbled for the pre-validated time.

The low shear blending action prevents excessive fines or changes to particle shape or size. Fast loading, complete discharge, short cycle time, low powder requirement and minimum maintenance are some of the features.

Conta blending improves efficiency compared to conventional blenders because of mixing in the diagonal and eccentric planes.

Conta Blender has a flexibility of Batch Volume. Varying size of containers can be mounted on a drive console which is equipped which clamping cage.


The mixing efficiency is better than the other type of tumbling blenders like Double Cone, ‘V’ or Octa as they rotate in a diagonal and in a eccentric plane. It shuffles the product intimately resulting in homogeneous blend within 5-20 min.

Working Capacity: From 25L to 3000L (Flameproof and NON-Flameproof Structure Complete GMP/cGMP Model)


SERVICE: Homogeneous Blending of processed materials


APPLICATION: Pharmaceuticals, API, Bulk Drugs and all powder processing industries & Dry Granules


Vertical column supported type Mounting.


Pass word protected Blender with 3 level password protection shall be provided.


SS 304 PLC-based control Panel with Color Touch screen HMI & require switch gears and fuses. (PLC + HMI shall be MITSUBISHI / SIEMENS make)


Therefore, after filling a container unit with the product (Powder/Granule), it will be used for three functions:


1) Blending

2) Storage

3) Feeding

IBC Bin Blender

IBC Bin Blender

Bin Blenders. State-of-the-art technology for production scale blending of pharmaceutical powders and granules directly in the bin. Our machines Design and Machine pedestal blender sequence, from Load, Lift & Blend is PLC controlled.   The Post Blender will be used to Blend Bins at a programmable speed.


– The mixing station can be used with different products with no need to clean since each container is hermetic.

– The loading of the product in the container is made in a location away from the station.

– Avoiding powder discharge from blender, the probability of segregation of components, Leakages and pollution is reduced.


Features – Blender Bin/IBC Blender 

  • In compliance with cGMP guidelines
  • Effective blending with help of mixing
  • Quick Dismantling of mixing baffles for easy to clean bins and
  • Fully Automatic Operation through Programmable Logic Controller (option)
  • Flameproof Construction (optional)
  • ACVFD as an optional feature
  • Pneumatic loading system (optional)


it can automatically complete lifting, clamping, mixing and descending tasks and can be matched with different specification pharmaceutical bins to satisfy large batch and various mixing. Batch size variation achievable in 500 Kg. Model for example, is from 75 Kg. to 500 Kg. using two different sizes of containers.

  • Controls can be supplied to meet 21 CFR Part 11 – Optional on request.
  • Supplied as pedestal (stand-alone), through-the-wall or post hoist mounted.

Choosing the Right Bin Blender System


Our units are installed in manufacturing facilities regulated by US-FDA, UK-MHRA, EMA, WHO-GMP, Japan-PMDA, SAHPRA, MCC, TGA, MOH (various countries) and others.