Working Capacity: From 25L to 3000L (Flameproof and NON-Flameproof Structure Complete GMP/cGMP Model)


SERVICE: Homogeneous Blending of processed materials


APPLICATION: Pharmaceuticals, API, Bulk Drugs and all powder processing industries & Dry Granules


Vertical column supported type Mounting.


Pass word protected Blender with 3 level password protection shall be provided.


SS 304 PLC-based control Panel with Color Touch screen HMI & require switch gears and fuses. (PLC + HMI shall be MITSUBISHI / SIEMENS make)


Therefore, after filling a container unit with the product (Powder/Granule), it will be used for three functions:


1) Blending

2) Storage

3) Feeding



– The mixing station can be used with different products with no need to clean since each container is hermetic.

– The loading of the product in the container is made in a location away from the station.

– Avoiding powder discharge from blender, the probability of segregation of components, Leakages and pollution is reduced.