Granulator equipment is generally used to render powders to a specific form that facilitates their flow ability and handling. We offer typical granulator machine for cosmetic, spices and pharmaceutical industries to formulate several ingredients like powdered incipient, small amounts of active ingredients and the liquid binder that locks the powder as granules to prevent segregation. In general pharmaceutical industries require separate equipments to pre-disperse, blend and to granulate various powders, but all these problems can be solved with our multi step granulator machine.

Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery CO.
in India offer efficient reciprocating type new mixing granulator, which is suitable for granulating both the dry and wet materials.

Salient Features :

  • Efficient reciprocating type Granulator. It is suitable for granulating dry and wet materials.
  • It is quiet in operation and robust and durable in design.
  • A totally enclosed gearbox is mounted on a base pillar at a convenient height.
  • All gearing is enclosed in oil bath. No grease or other external lubrication is required.
  • Hopper, the granulating blades both for dry and wet, sieves and all other parts which come in contact with the material to be granulated are made from stainless steel.
  • Separate stirrers for dry and wet granulations are provided and they are so designed that the efficiency of granulation process is optimized in each case. The stirrers can also be replaced quickly and easily.
  • A simple and positive arrangement of holding and tensioning of the screen is provided. The arrangement is such that the screen remains stretched throughout the operation and very close and uniform gap is maintained. Thus, it produces better excessive wear on both stirrer and the mesh.
  • Even there is a good saving on the cost of the stainless steel sieve, as the cut size of the sieve to fit
    to the machine is smaller than that required for other machine.
  • All the parts working on the materials being granulated can be easily and quickly dismantled for through washing without the use of spanners.
  • Lower Guard of polished Stainless Steel & Upper Guards of Acrylic Material.

Technical Details: :

Granulator Machine

Machine Type Bhagwati ACRA-GRA-8
Bhagwati ACRA-GRA-12
Hopper Size 8″ (200 mm) 12″ (300 mm)
Electric Motor 1.H.P., 1440 R.P.M.,
440 V., 3 Phase,
50 Cycles, A.C.
1.H.P., 1440 R.P.M.,
440 V., 3 Phase,
50 Cycles, A.C.
Output 200 Kgs/ hr.(Output depends upon size of granules and type of material) 200 Kgs/ hr.(Output depends upon size of granules and type of material)
Overall Dimensions(cm) 46 W x 770 D x 123 H 60 W x 109 D x 150 H
Dimensions (sm)
66 x 92 x 165 H 91.5 x 145 x 178 H
Net weight 250 kgs. 500 kgs.
Gross weight 370 kgs. 620 kgs.

Note : Specification and features of the machineries are subject to change without any prior notice