Tablet press machine B4 Standard Model



Tablet press machine – B4 TYPE SQUARE GMP DELUX model tablet press machine and STANDARD model tableting machine are manufactured by Bhagwati Machines Pvt. Ltd. on exchangeable compression module concept.   The other names of our B4 Type Tablet press machine are D tooling tablet press, B tooling tablet press and BB tooling tablet press machine. Our product range perfectly illustrates the royal status of our productions and this helps us to achieve the crown in India as the most innovative tablet press manufacturer and supplier.  We specialize in providing hassle-free tablet press machines.

Parts of Tablet Press Machine - How to process tablet making

Salient Features :

  • Square GMP Model
  • AC Variable Drive & Electromagnetic Clutch
  • Machine is having C.I. body & C.I. middle plate
  • Easy and More thorough cleaning
  • Paint free tablet manufacturing zone
  • Excellent and Operator friendly material feeding system
  • Lower Guards of Polished Stainless Steel
  • Upper guards of transparent Acrylic material
  • Digital Tablet Cum RPM counter
  • Turret of special grade C.I. Casting
  • Aluminium turret guards
  • Higher turret speed 17 to 40 RPM
  • Phosporous bronze bush provided inside the turret hole
  • Imported needle roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret
  • Cam tracks & pressure rolls made out of alloy steel
  • Worm is made of Phosphorous bronze material
  • Separate grinded center pillar of M.S. Material
  • Upper punch penetration system
  • Effective Dust Extraction Nozzles
  • Interlock swithces to all Guards variable
  • Variable Speed Pulley
  • Disc type friction clutch start system
  • One Shot Lubrication system
  • Double sided Lifting Cams
  • Anti Vibration Mounts
  • Overload Pressure Release System
  • Reverse direction motion protection is provided to avoid major accident

Tablet Press Machine - Tablet Press Machine, Calcium Citrate Tablet Press - Shree Bhagwati

Available with intermittent auto lubrication pump(Optional)
Available with force feeding attachment (Optional)
Machine can be equipped to compress two-layered tablets (Optional)
Also available without AC Variable Drive & Electromagnetic clutch but with machanical clutch (Optional)
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Technical Details: : Tablet Press Machine 

B4 Type square GMP Delux and Standard

Machine Type Bhagwati
-B4-27 d
-B4-27 B
-B4-35 B
-B4-45 BB
Number of Stations 27 27 35 45
Type of Tooling D B B BB
Output – Tablets/Hr. 54, 000 – 1, 29, 000 54, 000 – 1, 29, 000 70, 000 – 1, 68, 000 90, 000 – 2, 16, 000
Max. Operating Pressure 10 Tons 6.5 Tons 6.5 Tons 6.5 Tons
Max. Tablet Dia. 25 mm 16 mm 16 mm 11 mm
Maximum Depth of fill 20 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm
Upper Punch Penetration 1.5 – 8 mm 1.5 – 8 mm 1.5 – 8 mm 1.5 – 8 mm
Turret RPM (min./max.) 17 / 40 RPM 17 / 40 RPM 17 / 40 RPM 17 / 40 RPM
Main Electric Motor 5 HP, 3 Phase , 1440 RPM, 415 V. , 50 Hz
Overall HxWxD (Approx) 1790 mm x 1000 mm x 1040 mm
Net Weight (Approx) 1400 kgs
Note : Specification and features of the machineries are subject to change without any prior notice

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All these stages for better understanding –Tablet Press Compression Machine.

Working of a tablet press machine

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New hybrids press tablets machines for faster and bulk production.

Its double-transmission allows it to have a high loading capacity enabling it to attain efficiency and accuracy.

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Tablet manufacturing process:

Tablet manufacturing process