Bottle Plug & Cap Pressing Machine , Our Machine suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, pesticides, Distilleries & Breweries, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Lube & Edible Oil, Food & Ancillaries Industries etc.

Bottle Plug & Cap Pressing Machine is specifically designed for press/snap fit on type caps. This type of closures are majority of them being found for cosmetic or chemical products


The Bottle Plug & Cap Pressing Machine / capper applies press/snap fit type caps to containers with pressing head mounted on each capping head. Bottle itself picks cap from the suite and after picking cap Bottles enters in the machine and transferred to the turret star wheel where they are placed in the star wheel pockets to precisely align them underneath the capping heads.


Bottle Plug & Cap Pressing Machine operation shall be Press/Snap fit cap pressing and capping machine one line production in order to be used for different capping applications such as food & beverages, pharmaceutical, pesticides, distilleries, cosmetic, toiletries, personal care, chemical, oil etc



The Bhagwati automatic cap sealing machine is precision built on sturdy welded steel frame completely enclose in stainless steel sheet and doors are provided to facilitate the servicing of machine.


The feed container moving on conveyor belt are feed into an in feed star wheel, bringing the container below the sealing head in the subsequent indexing part, mean while the bottle pickup a cap from the delivery chute of cap feeding bowl, where the body and the neck of the container are positioned below the rotating head. Where the sealing head is performing perfect operation of threading & sealing. Specially designed hopper is provided for more storage capacity, deliver cap to delivery chute with correct position that ensures the perfect position of the cap at the end of delivery chute. The capping head rotate along with the main turret and perform the capping operation.

Technical Details: :

Model SBCS-60P
Output / Hour* Up to 50 bottles per minute (depend of bottle and Cap sizes)
Direction of Movement Left to Right
No. of Sealing Head 1 Nos.
Electrical Specification** Main Motor 1HP/440 Volts/ 3Phase/ 50 Hz (Four wire) For Main Machine
Height of Conveyor** 750 mm to 840 mm Adjustable.
Container Size Ø 22 mm to Ø 100 mm, Maximum Height 210 mm
Height of container 50 mm to 210 mm Maximum, Option for other bottle height available.
Cap Size 22 mm to 56 mm (With the help of required change parts)
Machine Dimensions** 2135 mm(L) x 925 mm(W) x 2350 (H) Approx

*Depends on bottle size, cap size and type of cap. ** We can supply as per customer requirements. *** With help of change parts.

Salient Features:

  • The unit is made compact & versatile.
  • S.S. Slat conveyor
  • S.S. Elegantly Matt Finished Body
  • Built in front control panel
  • Vibratory Bowl
  • With A/c Frequency Drive

Utility Requirement:

  • Electrical supply : 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
  • Electrical load : 1.5 KW
  • Vibrator : 5 Amps