Bottles are coming from single ways conveyor & stopping by star wheel & fill through dozing wheel, accordingly can fill up to 30 gms up to 60 gms can fill by double doze. Setting of the dozing size is to be made by the help of dozing arrangement [dozer].


  • Up to 50 bottles/ min. For single close.

Fill capacity:

  • 5 gms to 30 gms/ single doze with different powder wheel & up to 60 gms fill by double size fill depending on neck diameter and powder characteristics.


+- 2% for depending upon the consistency, uniformity & bulk density of powder under the controlled level of humidity below 30%.

Operation of the Equipments:

Conveyor transfer the bottles on to the start plate which indexes the tubes to the powder wheel where dosing of powder takes place. There is Single powder Wheel given for dozing of the powder in the bottles. The powder is stored in a hopper which is agitated by pair of mechanical agitators for maintaining consistency and uniform bulk density. The powder wheel has eight rotating ports which rotate at pre-determined speed below the powder hopper with practically no clearance. The wheel consists of piston in each port, behind which there is vacuum plate again without any clearance with the help of spring pressure. Precise volume of powder is sucked with the help of vacuum, volume defined by the piston length and diameter is dozed in to the tubes while getting index and achieving the position vertically above the tubes.

Technical Details: :

Model SBDPF – 60
No of Track One
No of Powder Wheel One
Production Rate up to 50 Fills / Min. for SINGLE Dose
Fill Capacity 5 gms. To 30 gms.
With the help of Two Different Powder Wheel Depending on Neck diameter and Powder characteristics
Accuracy + 2% Depending upon the consistency, uniformity & bulk density of powder under the controlled level of humidity
Electrical Rating 0.75 HP (1400 RPM) Motor
Power Requirements 415 Volts, 3 phase (4 Wire System) 50 Hz.
Height of Conveyor Adjustable from 800 mm. to 850 mm.
Dimensions 1270mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 1725mm (H)
Input Specification:
Container Diameter 25mm to 70mm
Container Height 55mm to 120mm Maximum

Salient Features:

  • Design confirms GMP Norms.
  • All contact parts of SS 316
  • Powder wheel piston adjustable depending to filling.
  • Body makes to M.S. angle structure all covering to SS 304.
  • Single bottles setting separate adjusting for cantering to powder filling station. Salient Features of the Equipments.
  • No Container – No Filling” system eliminates wastage of costly powder
  • Over Load Relay for any over load accident.
  • Imported Gear Box with motor.
  • A.C. Frequency Drive
  • PLC based Control.
  • Acrylic Cabinet with imported Aluminium Structure provided on extra cost.