Our External Bottle Washing Machine suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Distilleries & Breweries, Cosmetics & Food & Ancillaries Industries etc.


The External Bottle Washing Machine is designed to wash the outer surface of round shaped Bottles [5ml to 100ml Bottles]. This machine washes the outer sides of Bottles and eliminates the particles that are formed on the Bottles, which are previously filled and sealed.


From the infeed Turn Table the Bottles are fed into the External Bottle Washing Machine conveyors. The machine consists of two conveyors on which the Bottles are properly fed and transported from in feed Turn Table for the washing operation. Two operations are carried out on this machine. First the Bottles are washed by water jet and then dried by air jet. On the sides of the conveyor a set of spray nozzles are fitted on each conveyor for water jet. One set of knifes blocks are provided on each conveyor for air jet The air is sprayed through this knifes. The Knifes are fitted in an inclined manner which ensures that the air that is sprayed reaches each corner of the Bottle which are previously washed. After washing and drying the Bottles are guided to the out feed Turn Table. Before reaching the out feed Turn Table a special arrangement is provided to dry the Bottle from the bottom side. A set of syringes are provided on the sides of each conveyor at the exit end which sprays the air jet on the bottom part of the Bottle resulting in the drying of the Bottles This machine is completely operated by PLC. A covering of Acrylic cabinet is provided in the machine which when opened up during the operation immediately stops the supply of water & air and shows the indication with alarm in the PLC.

Technical Details: :

Model No. SBEW-200
Direction Left To Right
Out/Put Up to 150 Bottles per minute depend on neck size & bottle size
Electrical Supply 210 Volts 3 Phase 50/60 Hz (5 wire)
Power Requirement 3 HP
Height of Conveyor 900 mm (approx.)
Container Diameter 25 mm to 6o mm max.
Height 38 mm to 120 mm.

Salient Features:

  • Total cGMP model
  • S.S frame structure
  • “NO BOTTLE NO WASHING” system eliminates wastage of water & air
  • Easy cleaning & maintaining
  • Machine is equipped with PLC system.
  • Stops supply of water & air when acrylic doors opened during operation.
  • Indication & alarm in PLC
  • Normal water required for washing. No hot water required

Utilities: (To Be Provided By Buyer):

  • Pneumatic Air : Filtered, oil free, sterile low pressure Air at 5kg/cm2 (4/6 bar) 150 CFM.
  • Water supply : 150 Litres/hour (Approx)

Note: You can reuse the drain DM water which is used in the Bottle washing machine.