Description :

For over a quarter of a Century, Shree Bhagwati Machtech India Pvt. Ltd have been supplying stainless steel tanks and process equipment to the brewing, beverage, food, waste, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We also supply mild steel tanks.

we handle the increasing demand for high quality stainless steel storage and process vessels from a wide range of industries – each with its ownrequirements.

Shree Bhagwati Machtech India Pvt. Ltd manufactures STORAGE Vessels from 50 litres to 180,000 litres which can be used for various applications, with the following accessories/attachments.

Jacket for heating/chilling/maintaining the temperature of the product within the vesselElectrical trace heating of the vessel to maintain product temperatures Cladding in either stainless steel (welded or riveted) or riveted aluminum to maintain internal temperatures Attaching a mixer/high shear blending unit to the vessel Ensuring that the vessel is suitable for CIP, including spray balls etc.

All our new vessels are designed to meet industry standards – such as ASME VIII, Div 1 and Good Engineering Practices – and are supported by manufacturing drawings that we submit for approval to the relevant parties. We also work to our fully documented quality assurance system to ensure that the finished product reflects the customer’s required parameters and is of superior quality.

We always supply a documentation package containing manufacturing methods, material certificates and outside inspection, where applicable.
We manufacture vessels used in industries such as brewing, pharmaceutical, chemical and food, so our stock range will suit most customer requirements. Different types of storage vessels:-

  • Bulk storage vessels (stainless steel / mild steel)
  • Mixing vessels
  • Fermentation vessels
  • Powder silos
  • Bright beer tanks
  • Process vessels
  • Cellar tanks
  • Micro breweries
  • Brew houses
  • Horizontal vessels
  • SS Storage tanks with optional agitators
  • SS Insulated storage tanks with optional agitators
  • SS Jacketed insulated storage tanks with agitators
  • Tiltable hemispherical heating vessels with agitators
  • Cooling Tanks
  • Jacketed Reactors
  • Tilting Pan
  • Agitated Vessels
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Ghee Settling Tank
  • Horizontal Mixers
  • Milk Cooling Plant
  • PUF Insulated Liquid Storage Tank
  • Steam Jacketed Kettles
  • Steel Vessels
  • Sugar Melting Vessel
  • Sugar Syrup Making Machine
  • Syrup Making Machine
  • Tilting Paste Kettle
  • Vacuum Insulated Storage Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Vessels
  • Mixing Kettles
  • Stainless Steel Dimple Jacket Storage Tank
  • Dimple Jacketed Tank
  • Blending and Mixing Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Insulated Storage Tanks
  • SS Industrial Pressure Cooker
  • Milk Storage Tanks
  • Storage Vessels
  • Insulated Tank
  • Liquid Mixers
  • Milk Cooling Tanks
  • Syrup Mixer
  • Vacuum Pan and Boilers

Storage vessels/tanks are simple vessels used for storing liquids, solutions or pharmaceutical raw material and other chemicals. These general purpose vessels are made of stainless steel, fibre glass, titanium, galvanized steel etc. and are used by a number of industries to store various substances and solutions. Storage tanks/vessels can either be horizontal or vertical in their orientation.

Horizontal storage vessel is generally mounted on stands or saddles and have an access port either at the bottom or at the top. Vertical storage tanks are erected vertically and have access ports at bottom. These specialized tanks can either be placed above or underground, depending on the construction of the storage facility. The thickness of wall of these tanks/vessels also determine their application or use; while single wall storage tanks can be used for general application, double walled tanks/vessel are used for high pressure considerations.IMG-20200608-WA0009