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Tray dryers Manufacturer and Supplier , Hot Air Tray Dyer - 96, 192 , 48

Tray dryers Manufacturer and Supplier , Hot Air Tray Dyer – 96, 192 , 48

tray drying system are designed specifically keeping in mind the safety considerations required when drying solvents based pharmaceutical powders/granules or tablets which if not taken in consideration can lead to explosion.

Though safety is a prime design consideration the system is very simple and complies easily with GMP norms critical for pharmaceutical manufacturing units.

Unique air distribution system comprising of distribution baffles ensures that the drying quality is uniform throughout the height of the trolley. Flexible and modular air handling unit ensures that the installation of the machine is possible even in most trying site conditions.

Air Tray Dryer Is used for the best drying results in conventional process. It consists of a double-walled cabinet with one or two doors. The gap between two walls is filled with light resin-bounded fibreglass wool insulation material to avoid heat loss. The doors are provided with gaskets to avoid air leakages from the front side of the door. Stainless steel trays are placed inside the chamber. cGMP model dryers are designed to dry specific products.

Capacity : Lab model to suit 10kg powder – 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 192 trays. Standard, GMP & cGMP models available with SS 304/SS, 316/MS internals and externals.

Construction : External: 2mm thick; internal: 2mm thick.

Surface Finish : External: polished to 180 grit man finish; internal: buffed to 220 grit mirror finish.

Inlet & Outlet : Pharmaceutical and industrial tray dryers have a 5-micron pre filter at the inlet and a manually adjustable damper at the exhaust.

Doors : Doors are provided at the front and/or rear side of the dryer. The door lips are lined with silicon rubber gaskets to prevent air leakages. Suitable locking arrangement is provided for the doors.

Air Circulation : This is done by specially designed re-circulation blowers inside the dryer. Blower capacity, static and design depend on the size / model of dryer.

Heating : Dryers are supplied with either steam / electric / thermic fluid / hot water heating system. Suitable heating coils / calorifiers are provided.

Temperature Control : This is done by an electronic digital temperature controller fitted to the control panel. The temperature control in the dryer is fully automatic.

Trays : These are available in SS 304/316. All trays are fully dry-pressed and have curved corners. Trays are buffed to a mirror finish. They are also available in aluminium / polypropylene / FRP / MS galvanised according to client requirements.

Trolley : A trolley is provided in the dryers to accommodate trays. Trolley tracks are used to load and unload the trays into the dryer.

Electronic Panel : An automatic control panel is fitted on the side of the dryer. It consists of starters, contactors, safety relays, circuit breakers, indicating lamps, push buttons, timers, controllers etc.

Backed by our efficient workforce, we are capable of manufacturing, supplying and exporting Air tray Dryer. Available in various models, these products are known for their longer service life, corrosion & abrasion resistant and easy maintenance. Our Air tray Dryer can also be customized as per the specifications laid down by the customers. We also check all the products on various parameters to ensure

Specification :

Lab-model Pilot model Production model
Capacity in Kilograms 5 14 42 63 84 168 336 672
Capacity in Trays 4 8 12 16 24 48 96 192
No of Trolleys 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 4
Heating Load (K.W.) @ 150°C 1.5 3 4.5 4.5 7.5 12 21 40

Loading per tray ( product bulk density 0.5 gm/cc ) = 3.5 Kgs max
Tray Size for 3 & 8 Tray VTD = 16 x 16 x 1”
Tray Size for all other models = 16 x 32x 1.25”

Optional features:

  • Fike Explosion Flap
  • Separate carriage trolley and load trolley
  • Flame proof controllers
  • 3 stage HEPA Filter.


  • Low temperature drying.
  • Drying of products containing explosive solvents vapours.
  • Drying of products sensitive to oxygen.
  • Drying to retain aroma/ flavour/ nutritional value of food products.


Vacuum Tray Dryer, Vacuum Dryer Manufacture 
A Vacuum Tray Dryer works under vacuum conditions on the conduction principle. Inside the dryer are several shelves having trays on which the products are placed. The top most shelf is a dummy shelf placed there to ensure proper heating and to prevent the dried powder from escaping into the solvent extraction system. The shelves are constructed hollow with baffles cum stiffeners placed in between shelves. Every shelf has an inlet and outlet nozzle and is connected to an inlet and outlet header through these nozzles.

vacuum drying system consists of drying oven with a heating system, vapor condensing system, and a vacuum pump assembly designed specifically for drying a particular product and to achieve the desired objective for which product is dried under vacuum.

Vacuum Drying is ideally suited for pharmaceutical industry where products cannot be exposed to very high temperatures. These may include biotechnology products or pharmaceutical intermediates.

Extremely low moisture/solvent content can be achieved to meet residual solvent limits set by ICH.

Expensive solvents can be recovered and recycled in the process.

Potentially toxic materials can be safely dried in an enclosed vacuum environment and solvent can be safely condensed.Vaccum Tray Dryer

A hot medium reaches the shelf through the inlet header and flows through the shelves in a uniformly zig-zag pattern ensuring faster heat transfer to the surface. This in tam heats up the trays on the shelves. The hot medium flows out from the shelf through the outlet header.


The inlet and outlet headers are designed in such a way that the now of the heating medium is equally distributed into each of the shelves. The dryer chamber is constructed from heavy-duty plates to prevent the plates from buckling during th vacuum operation. Additional limpet coils are provided in order to further stiffen the body and to pass on the hot medium. The chamber is provided with a heavy door and adequate locking arrangement. The dryer chamber is connected to a shell & tube by means of a vapour column to a Heat Exchanger. This in turn is connected to a condensate receiver.


Vacuum is applied to the condensate receiver. Vapour evolved during the drying process collects in the receiver after it is cooled in the heat exchanger. The vapour to be cooled is passed through the tube side of the Heat Exchanger, while cooling water is passed through the shell side. A cooling coil in the condensate receiver cools any vapors entering the receiver before it goes into the vacuum pump. The condensate receiver is connected to a vacuum trap to make sure that any uncooled vapours from the receiver get trapped thus minimizing the vapour content entering the vacuum pump.