Our machine suitable for Multiple Label Dispensing unit to apply, Front, Back, Top, Bottom and Angular Labels on Square, Rectangular or any Special Shaped Container or Jars. Machine is suitable for Labelling on Bigger Size Container, Jars, Cartons, Shippers, and Battery etc.


Automatic label applicators are useful when higher volumes and Labelling on conveyor lines are needed. A sensor detects the product as it comes down the conveyor and triggers the application of the label at the proper time. Product handling must be tightly controlled to ensure accurate label placement.

Applicator is fully synchronized with all operations including Product Feeder, Roll Winder and Label Dispensing for optimum Labelling accuracy; it also helps to change the Labelling speed online with the help of Single Speed Pot provided on control panel.

Technical Details: :

Model SB-LABEL-01
Label Size Width 10~50mm
Labeling Speed Up to 300 Product Per Minute
Labeling Precision + -1.0mm
Power Supply 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Roll inter Φ75mm
Roll Outer ≤Φ300mm

Built-in unique features:

  • Virtually Maintenance free machine
  • Easy to change label roll size
  • User Friendly Label Counting Adjustments
  • Self Protected against Voltage Fluctuations
  • Suitable for On-Line Inkjet Coding System using required sensor and encoder
  • Suitable for Label Counting as well as offline Coding
  • Built In A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System.
  • Fully Stainless Steel finish Machine

Optional features:

  • Label Roll Empty – Machine Stop System with Alarm
  • Missing Label in Roll – Machine Stop System with Alarm
  • Option of Inkjet Coder for Offline printing various data on labels or on release paper.
  • Vision system for checking various data on labels
  • High Speed Roll Counting with 45 meters per minute speed
  • Label Sensor and Encoder for Inkjet Coding