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Pharmaceutical granulator , Solid Preparation Granulating Line, automatic Granulating machine

Pharmaceutical granulator, Solid Preparation Granulating Line, automatic Granulating machine Pharmaceutical Integrated granulation line including High speed Mixer & Granulator, Inline Wet mill, Fluid Bed Dryer & Granulator, lifting device with Inline Dry Mill, and IBC Lift Blender at different sizes depending on customer demand.

Pellet Production Customized Granulation Line


Granulation Isolators including a range of workstations including.

  • Granulators
  • Fluid Bed Dryers
  • Dry and Wet Mill
  • Blenders

Our Granulation isolators typically are offered in.

  • 2kg – 10kg

There are two types of Granulation Lines employed in the production of solid dosage forms in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Wet Granulation
  • Dry Granulation


Granulation line under isolator high containment


Complete granulation lines for small batch production, mounted under isolator in high containment OEB 5. A line can be composed by a high shear mixer, fluid bed dryer (12-bar pressure resistant construction), cone mill to calibrate dry or wet products, possible kit for the transfer of the powder by vacuum, a washing and drying system. All systems have been designed to ensure maximum operator protection, during handling operations of products with high level of toxicity. The equipment is fully customizable based on client requests.


Wet Granulation Line

SHREE BHAGWATI provides machines, equipment and barrier isolators for the wet granulation line including the Feed Station, Milling, Sieving, High Shear Mixing, Fluid Bed Processing and Blending. SHREE BHAGWATI has also fully integrated barrier isolator solutions for the Tablet Press Machine and Coating Machine and can supply turnkey solutions for Vacuum powder transfer systems powder and CIP / WIP systems.


The process of wet granulation involves the addition of a liquid solution to a powder mixture and the massing of the mix to produce granules. Typical liquids include water, ethanol and is propane and once the powders have formed into a dense mass and the granulation fluid has been evaporated then the granules are milled to an appropriate size for compression.


The extact process depends on the characteristics of the powders and the final dosage form. Organic solvents are used when water sensitive drugs are processed, as an alternative to dry granulation, or when a rapid drying time is required.


As direct compression is not the best technology for many active substances, wet granulation is still a preferred method. Even if the active substance is sensitive to hydrolysis, modern equipment such as a fluidized bed eliminates the problems associated with wet granulation. Products including anti-neo plastic agents/Hormones(OEB3) may be produced using wet granulation. Below shows an example of a 2kg Granulation Line Barrier Isolator including Rapid Mix Granulator (RMG), a Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD) and Multi-mill blender workstations, designed and manufactured by SHREE BHAGWATI.