Shree Bhagwati Make Flowmatic Liquid filler machine ranges for  liquid materials.  filling Dosing range start from 50 to 20000 ml,  Flowmatic filler machine precise dosing systems . This machine specially designed by Shree Bhagwati with  advance technology bottle filling system suitable for Oil, Ghee , thick, Detergent foamy Liquid and free flow any kind of liquid. Flowmatic Filler machine best suitable for Oil, Pharma, Semi viscous and foamy products found in chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products .


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  • Application of filling line – Detergent Liquid , shampoo & Lotion , liquid soap , juice, Lube oil, edible oils.
  • Filling range from 50ml to 20000 ml with different models
  • Two Nozzle  to twelve (12) filling nozzles filling ranges
  • PLC + touch screen panel controlled .
  • Drip tray protects bottles from nozzle Liquid product dripping.
  • contact parts in stainless steel SUS 304 Liquid.

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We Manufacturer of filling and capping machines for shampoo, honey, ketchup, hydrochloric acid, superglue or engine oil with output range of 30 to 300 containers per minute.


In Line Filler with up to 16 filling stations and Cap sealing machines for intricate closures , labeling and sleeve line complete filling line many projects all ready last 30 year ,  Shree Bhagwati is depth of experience in liquid filling line technology …


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We Cater wide Range of filling line including Pharmaceutical filling machine , Agro Liquid bottle filler  , Food & Beverage Liquid bottle filler, Dairy Flavor milk Fluid milk , Organic milk , Soy milk , Drinking yogurt ,Kefir ,Probiotics  bottle filler, Oil Industry Liquid bottle filler , Hair oil bottle filler, Edible oil bottle filler machine,  Mustard oil bottle filler, Lube oil  bottle filler , Cooking oil  bottle filler & capper machine, Healthcare Liquid bottle filler, Toiletry and Cosmetics Liquid bottle filler and capping machine , Personal Care Liquid bottle filler line, Logistics, E-Liquid/Vaping filling machine with special Designed to filling a wide variety of 30-300 gallon containers.




Operation and Automation


Gear pump filling machines are ideal filling machine for thicker product and some product that contain particulates.  A time based filling method will simply filling by allowing the gear pump to run for the same length of time each filling cycles.  A pulse based filling system will not utilize time, but will measures revolution or movement of the pump thru PLC & Color HMI.  For example, a “pulse” on a gear pumps would be a revolution or partial revolution of the gear with Servo motor thru PLC & HMI.  The type of pump used on the filling equipment will be determined by the product being filled.  During pump filling machinery can be manufactured as a automatic machine as well, the fully automatic pump filling machine is in our Packaging Machinery Product Spotlight.


Most automatic pump filling machines, filler , filling line will be manufactured on a standard, portable stainless steel frame.  The C-Frame design will allow the pump filler to roll up to almost any existing packaging system.  Automatic pump fillers can also be manufactured with anywhere from two to Twenty four ( 2- 24 Nozzle filler) fill heads.  This is slightly different from overflow fillers and gravity filling machines that may include up to sixteen fill heads.  The reason for the discrepancy lies in the fact that each fill head on a pump filler will require its own pump.  The frame and number of fill heads may vary for some applications, as custom filling machinery is always available to handle unique filling projects.


Rotary Gear pump filling machines , Gear pump filler / filling lines ranges are recommended for dispensing Diagnostics, Cosmetics, Personal Cares, Foods, Chemical Specialty,  Household applications filling line.


These pump are often used for thin liquid, but can also be used for thick liquids such as adhesives.  Gear pumps base filler are versatile, operate consistently in either flow direction, and give you a constant and even discharge regardless of your pressure conditions.


A tool-less disassembles allow for expanded cleaning options (CIP, Remote CIP, and COP). Similar to lobe pumps, rotary gear pumps provide an accurate fill and are best suited for fill volumes ranging from 50 ml to 50 Liter for Lube Oil, Hair oil,  shampoo, Lotions, for dispensing Diagnostics, Cosmetics, Personal Cares, Foods, Chemical Specialty,  Household product filler.