Continuous Mixer Mixing Equipment for Fly Ash, Coal Powder, Metal Powder – Continuous Mixer Machine

Continuous Mixer Mixing Equipment for Fly Ash, Coal Powder, Metal Powder - Continuous Mixer Machine

Continuous Mixer Mixing Equipment for Fly Ash, Coal Powder, Metal Powder – Continuous Mixer Machine

Continuous mixer can achieve feeding and discharging simultaneously. It is normally matched in the large-scale production line. Continuous Shree Bhagwati Mixers are suitable for dry bulk solids (powders, granules, short fibers), dry bulk solids + liquids (moistening + granulating), sludge or low-viscosity pastes.


Continuous Mixer Machine, Continuous Mixer Mixing Equipment for Fly Ash, Coal Powder, Metal Powder , Continuous Mixer -The CMS (Continuous single shaft plough mixer), focus on mixing, it can also convey the material. With the special inner structure, it can adapt to a certain range of the feeding speed, to achieve relevant productivity. With the uniform speed feeding equipment, it can mix material in a wide range, and make sure the consistency and stability of all the product.



Continuous Mixer Mixing Equipment for Fly Ash, Coal Powder, Metal Powder

Continuous Mixer

Continuous Mixer

We Shree Bhagwati Group is companies Manufacturing of mixer and equipment is specialized in designing\developing\ producing mixing equipment for powder or liquid, our product is widely used in chemistry, agriculture, fertilizer, medicine, dye, pigment, rubber, feeding stuff, fireproof material, building material.


Continuous mixer:

1. Make sure the stable and continuous feeding.
2. Make correct feeding speed ratio in accordance to the material formula.
3. Equipment under the discharging should handle the material in time and make sure no blockage of the material when discharging.
4. Small additives less than 5%, should be premixed before loading to continuous mixer.
5. Mixer productivity is determined by the speed of feeding system. Mixer model and size are determined by productivity, homogeneity and material property.

  • Heavy-duty mixing chamber manufactured from carbon steel, anti-wear steel or 304L / 316L stainless steel.
Continuous Mixing Machine

Continuous Mixing Machine

Continuous Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers consist of a cylindrical mixing drum vessel with an inlet at one end of the mixing drum, an outlet at the opposite end and a venting spout, a full material mixing shaft, two drum closing end plates that carry flanged end bearing assemblies complete with integrated air or gas-purged shaft seals, and a drive unit complete with power transmission.

Ploughshares or inclined blade-type shovels rotate as mixing tools in a special arrangement on the mixer shaft inside the drum vessel. The result is a turbulence in the mix that constantly involves all the product particles in the mixing process. The formation of dead spots or slow-movement zones in the mixing drum is prevented ensuring precise mixing. In some cases, to obtain the desired mixing effect, separately driven high-speed choppers can be installed.

Continuous Single Shaft Mixer

  • Low-cost mixing of long product runs
  • Low labor costs compared to batch mixers.
  • Gentle action prevents material degradation.
  • Accurate blend ratios to 99.9%
  • Rapid mixing: 1 to 2 minutes residence time typical
  • Lowest energy use per amount of material blended.
  • Stationary inlet and stationary outlet allow for hard piping.
  • Handles abrasive and corrosive products, and materials with high bulk densities.
  • Automatic material evacuation at the end of product runs using an optional reversing discharge weir.
  • Small footprint per amount of material processed.
  • Industrial and sanitary designs, construction and finishes
  • Long life with minimal maintenance

Working conditions of the continuous mixer

  • The material should be supplied steadily and continuously by the feeding system.
  • The feeding speed of different materials should be subject to the formula proportion.
  • The materials after mixing should be timely and efficiently processed by the next equipment, any block here is forbidden.
  • Little additive e.g., Below 5% content should be mixed with bulk material beforehand.
  • Feeding speed decides the output of continuous mixer, the output, uniformity and properties of material decide the type and Size of mixer.


Continuous mixer, Plow Mixers & Blender – Plow mixer machine for Dry Mix Building Materials Processing, Chemical Admixtures for Building & Construction, Brick & Roof Tile Production, Marble Processing


FEED & FOOD – Continuous mixer, Plow Mixers & Blender – Plow mixer machine

  • Animal Feed Milling Continuous mixer
  • Animal Feed Additives Processing Continuous mixer
  • Fish Food Continuous mixer
  • Petfood
  • Biscuit Processing


PLASTICS & CHEMICALS – Continuous mixer, Plow Mixers & Blender – Plow mixer machine

  • Plastics Raw Material Processing
  • Rubber Processing
  • Rubber & Plastics Recycling
  • Fertilizer, Pesticide, Insecticide Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals Processing
  • Paint, Varnish, Resin Processing


HEAVY INDUSTRIES – Continuous mixer , Plow Mixers & Blender – Plow mixer machine

  • Cement, Lime, Gypsum, Minerals, Refractory Products Processing
  • Crushing, Mining, Quarry, Screening, Micronizing Plants
  • Oil & Gas Extraction
  • Foundries, Iron and Steel Mills, Coking Plants
  • Power Plants (Fly-Ash Handling)


RENEWABLE ENERGY – Continuous mixer , Plow Mixers & Blender – Plow mixer machine

  • Biomass & Biogas Digestate from Organic Household Waste
  • Wood Biomass in Chip Form


PLANTS & MACHINERY – Continuous mixer , Plow Mixers & Blender – Plow mixer machine

  • Lime Dosing
  • Dosing Plants, Mixing Plants, Packaging Plants / Battery Production
  • Wood or Cork Working Machinery / Tobacco Processing


ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY – Continuous mixer, Plow Mixers & Blender – Plow mixer machine

  • Industrial WWT (incl. Sludge Treatment)
  • Abattoirs (Slaughterhouses)
  • Beverage Industry Wastewater
  • Food Processing & Catering Wastewater
  • Fruit & Vegetable Processing Wastewater
  • Pulp & Paper Processing, Starch & By-products Processing
  • Tanneries, Dyeing Works
  • Plastics Recycling Industry Waste Water
  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment (incl. Sludge Treatment)
  • Industrial Solid Waste Handling & Treatment / Animal By-products Handling & Processing