Conical Mill , Co mill , Cone Mill Machine

Co - Mill Machine USA

Co – Mill Machine USA


Cone mill can have an output speed of 15 kg – 150 kg per hour for the simpler versions  &  100-3000kg/hr. for the most advanced version series of the cone mill machine , mills are available with a wide range of screen and impeller tooling, helping to achieve the various required final particle sizes and throughputs. Conical mills are typically suitable for size reduction down to approximately 150 microns (80 mesh) with minimal heat generation and are suitable for both dry and wet milling applications.


Conical Mill

Conical Mill


Co mill is a kind of process equipment used for production that adopts hydraulic driving or screw driving, motor driving, and variable frequency control principle. It is mainly composed of moveable chassis, columns, lifting mechanisms, cone mill mechanism, and electric and hydraulic systems.



  • Pharmaceutical milling equipment for all your oral solid dosages, wet or dry granulations sizing, and reclaim application From R&D to Lab and full batch production.


  • Milling & Size Reduction equipment for food manufacturers, delivering high-quality screening, de-lumping, powders milling and reclaim.


  • Nutraceutical Industry we designed specials type of Milling Equipment for the  and Milling Equipment for API Pharmaceuticals : milling, size reduction, and processing equipment to tightly control particle sizes within the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) process steps.


Working Principle of  Conical Mill

Press button on the control panel with steering handle, potentiometer, and display of frequency is integrated into the backside of the column and easy to reach for the operator. The inlet and outlet are equipped with standardized Triclamp connections to diversify the all-rounder in its use. For cleaning purposes, the sieving head can be dismantled only by releasing the Triclamp connections without tools. The head can be removed at any user-defined height.



  • Sizing wet granulated particles before drying
  • Sizing dry granules before the tableting stage
  • Delumping dry detergent during production
  • Deagglomerating dried fruits
  • Reclaiming – broken tablets, broken biscuits that are ground back into their powder form prior to being restructured


Shree Bhagwati Make Conical Mill Special designed, manufacture, supply and install machinery for handling, processing and containment of powder in oral solid dosage (OSD).


Cone Mill Machine

Cone Mill Machine

Cone mill works on the principle of Centrifugal Shearing force. In agglomerating materials of wet granulation, it is used for high speed shredding, sizing and grinding of powder granules. Cone mill screens is ideal for handling viscous clumps, gums and wet material.



Applications of :  Pharmaceutical, Food, Cannabis, Chemical, Personal Care and Cosmetics industries worldwide, the SBM Co-mill is coveted by process managers looking to achieve optimum process efficiency and product consistency.