We Manufacturer of  vial cap sealing machine, vial Cap Sealer machine, Rotary vial capping machine, High speed vial cap sealing machines, single head vial cap sealing machine and four head vial cap sealing machine for for  Dry Injection , Dry Powder , Injectable , Sterile , Injectable Sterile , Antibiotic Powder Injectable Dry Powder Filling Line , Dry Injection vial Filling & Stoppering Machine with speed 40 vial per minute to 400 vial per minutes, Eight Head Vial Capping Machine , Vial Flip Off Cap Sealing Machine ,  Glass Vial Flip Off Cap Sealer , 12 head vial cap sealing machine.


Salient Features : Automatic Vial Cap Sealing Machine – Vial Cap Sealing Machine Exporter

  • Fully Stainless Steel Finish
  • High Capacity Cap Hopper
  • Quick and Very easy Changeover System
  • Safety Mechanism to avoid problem of vial jamming and overloading
  • Completely Spring Loaded free spinning Single Sealing Roller System eliminates any damage to Caps and also allows greater flexibility of variation in the container neck diameter
  • Sealing Pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and sizes of Cap

Technical Details: :

SBCS-350V 14 mm to 45 mm 75 mm Max 13,20,30,33 and 35 mm 350 V.P.M.
SBCS-450V 14 mm to 45 mm 75 mm Max 13 mm, 20 mm and 35 mm (with the help of change parts) 450 V.P.M.
Note: Dimensions & Technical Details are subject to change as per customers’ requirement without any further notice


We offer below model .


  • Automatic Vial Cap Sealing Machine
  • Automatic Single Head Vial Cap Sealing Machine
  • Automatic Single Head Vial Sealing Machine
  • Laboratory Vial Sealing Machine
  • Lab Scale Vial Capping Machine
  • Automatic Single Head Vial Capping Machine
  • Automatic Four Head Vial Capping Machine
  • Automatic Four Head Vial Cap Sealing Machine
  • Four Stroke Vial Cap Sealing Machine
  • Pharma Glass Vial Sealing Machine
  • Pharmaceutical Vial Cap Sealing Machine
  • Automatic Six Head Vial Cap Sealing Machine
  • Automatic Six Head Vial Capping Machine
  • Automatic Eight Head Vial Sealing Machine
  • Automatic Eight Head Vial Capping Machine
  • Vial Flip Off Cap Sealing Machine
  • Glass Vial Flip Off Cap Sealer
  • 12 head vial cap sealing machine





Multi head Rotary Vial Capping Machine are incessant motion rotary machines for application & sealing of conventional flip-off caps & tear-off cap. The Unique features of machine is “No Vial – No Capping” system & Gradual pressure sealing (GPS) system. Due to GPS system, sealing quality is of fine quality & they guarantee perfect hermetic seal. Rotary Vial capping machine are designed to promise a capping process with lowest particle generation & these machines are suitable for installation in conventional type contamination-controlled environments & under isolator.

Automatic Injectable Vial Filling Machine Line Manufacturer

Automatic Injectable Vial Filling Machine Line Manufacturer

Basics Of RABS And Aseptic Filling

Although most of our readers are keenly aware of the types of RABS out there, let us review the standard types of the enclosure systems that encapsulate the open vials from the tunnel exit through the capping process.

  • Active RABS – This design has its own HVAC/AHU and maintains the EU class A environment and recommended downward velocity of .36 to .45 m/s independent of the room’s HVAC system (as well as temperature and relative humidity).
  • Passive RABS – Similar to the active RABS, this unit’s enclosure sides extend up to the ceiling and interface with the terminal HEPA array to provide the airflow. This design is dependent on the suite’s HVAC.
  • Open RABS – This unit typically is a retrofit of an existing non-barrier line in which the airflow exits the unit below the fill line and exhausts into the room. This cannot be used while filling any cyto/toxin/potent compound.
  • Closed RABS – This unit encapsulates the air internally, HEPA filters it, and recirculates it back to the unit or an HVAC return. This recirculation of the RABS air provides containment for any potent compound being filled.

The modern designs combine the characteristics of active RABS with those of closed RABS into a cohesive design. Any contemporary passive and open RABS are retrofits and need to be carefully designed. Below are examples of bad and good RABS designs.


Working of Vial Capping machines , First Load the Sufficient caps in Vibratory Bowl. The Vials are received from in feed of conveyor and moved to feed worm assy. through the slat conveyor. Feed worm will create space between two vials, before it is moved in in-feed star wheel. Vibratory bowl feeds the cap into the cap chute continuously. If there is no sufficient caps in chute, NO-CAP sensor (Fiber optic Sensor) will give signal to control panel & Machine will Stop. Now, at In feed star vial index further, take a cap from chute and transfer to Main capping turret unit. capping head & Turret rotate clockwise, move down the cam operated capping head one by one with cap die, hold the vial with cap, rotate further and sealing chuck will make a thread on cap & seal it properly. After completion of cap sealing procedure at rotary capping station, capping head moves up and release the sealed vial. Now at out feed star plate, neat and cleaned capped vials will index further and transfer to discharge end of conveyor. Finally, vial moves to the other on-line connected machine through the conveyor. Totalizer (Counter) will give information of Total No. of capped/sealed vials.

8 Head Vial Cap Sealing Machine

8 Head Vial Cap Sealing Machine

Fully automatic capper using single spinning roller as the sealing mechanism. The gravity fed vibratory bowl for accurate feeding of seals. As the star wheel indexes, the stoppered vials pass under the cap feed, pick a cap and vials progress to the capping station. The spinning roller rolls the skirt into place. The star wheel now indexes the vial onto the discharge conveyor.

Capping machine with maximum variable speed of 400 vials per minute. We provide both stand alone bottle capping machines & cappers integrated into a monoblock as well as in a complete line.

Specifications – 8 Head Vial Capping Machine

  • 4 head to 16 head capping system or more

  • Output speed up to max 400bpm or more

  • Multiple adjustments without the need to stop the machine

  • Fast product changeovers

  • Integrated fault alarms

  • Accurate and repeatable performance

  • All contact parts are SS 304, Delrin, Aluminum, Silicon, MS frame structure with SS cladding

  • Optional color touch screen with plc for various error message and control system

  • No bottle no capping system

  • Optional push button height adjustment of capping heads

  • Cap Feeder Auto On/Off system preventing cap damage

  • Clutch System in feed worm to avoid bottle damage during operation

  • Smooth and accurate container handling

  • Machine auto on / off system, and it will start automatically once bottle enter to the in feed conveyor and stop if there is no bottle

  • Fully interlocked guarding

  • Synchronized variable speed control

  • Complete with one set of bottle change parts