Automatic Top Labeling machine, Front and Back Sticker Labeling Machine

Automatic label application presents significant time savings over manually printing and applying labels to products. The Automatic Label Applicator’s thermal transfer printer generates labels with clear, crisp, scanable barcodes as well as variable text, graphics and logos at print speeds of 12″/second. Barcode labels are applied at rates up to 300ppm (Blow on), minimizing packing station bottlenecks caused by manual label application.

Cost effective and efficient in your production environment.

Whether your label application requirements are: primary, secondary, top, bottom, corner wrap, or multi-panel variable product identification labeling, PSI can configure a label print applicator to enhance your packing station productivity.

Examples of products labeled using Apple Pack Equipments’s automatic label applicator include: simple box, packaged garment, pallet, and health and beauty item, pharmaceutical or automotive part.

Description: :

Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine is one of the most users friendly. Machine can be supplied with Multiple Label Dispensing unit to apply, Front, Back and Top Labels on Square, Rectangular or any Special Shaped Container or Jars. The Machine incorporates latest sophisticated Micro Processor Control Label Dispensing system with user friendly Sensing system for Label and Product. The machine is suitable for Labelling on Bigger Size Container, Jars, Cartons, Shippers, and Battery etc. With speed up to 60 units per minute depending on product size and label size.

The Sticker Labelling Machine has its own unique single point synchronized speed control system. The Inbuilt Automated Label Length detection systems eliminates any need for manually feeding and storing of Label Length data in memory and retrieving the same every time for change of Label Size & re-starting the machine. The System thus saves valuable time, avoiding machine-down time, and helps achieve higher production. Machines having required all basic features as a standard fitment to match the current market needs and also saves cost and time.

Ideal for high changeover environments where tremendous production flexibility is needed, the Print and Apply Model with Multi Panel Applicator can be changed over in less than one minute with no tools and no change parts required. The electronic changeover is accomplished simply by changing the settings on the touch screen control panel.

Automatic print and apply label applicators are used for printing labels when there are various types of products, and pre-printing and storing every type of label becomes prohibitive. They are also used when special coding such as date, batch number, and serial numbers is needed or when only small batches are run and changing labels for every batch is very time consuming. Automatic label applicators are useful when higher volumes and Labeling on conveyor lines are needed. A sensor detects the product as it comes down the conveyor and triggers the application of the label at the proper time. Product handling must be tightly controlled to ensure accurate label placement.

Built-in unique features::

  • No Label Data Input/retrievals require for any Label Siz
  • No Change Parts for Label size
  • Synchronized speed of Label Dispensing, Conveyor and Pressing Device
  • Virtually Maintenance free machine
  • Easy to change label application height
  • User Friendly Label Placing Adjustments
  • Suitable for On-Line Inkjet and Contact Coding System
  • Built In A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System.
  • Fully Stainless Steel finishes Machine

Technical Details: :

Label Height
8 mm to 70/90/120/150 mm Standard*
Label Length 12 mm Minimum
Label Roll Dia. 300/400 mm
CoreDia. 75/76 mm
Gap Between two Labels Appx. 3 mm
Product Size As per customers requirement* We require actual product samples
Electrical 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz)
Power 2.5 Amp.
Capacity 0.75 Kw
Speed Up to 60 Labels per minute depending on Product and Label Size
Conveyor height 830-875 mm*