Automatic feeding by slant magazine allows labels to a polished stainless steel feed wheel, The Label is picked up by rubber and it is fed to a timing chain, which carries the label under the printing head. Very useful machines to all Pharmaceutical & other packaging industries to print Batch No.., Mfg. Date., Exp. Date., Retail Price etc. on their Labels, Cartons, Polypack Bags, Pouches, tin Bottoms, Cotton Bags etc.
Hand Operated and Semi Automatic Batch Printing/Coding Machines are working on the same principal of tradle machine conventionally used by all the printers. In both the machines the matter is to be composed in type block with type letters. Ink to be fed on the Aluminium Roller. On each stroke of the machine the composed type letters are linked by moving Rubber Roller. Label/Carton/Bag fed on plate is getting positive impression by inked type letters. Semi Automatic Batch Printing/Coding Machine is Electrically Operated and foot Switch is provided to ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ the machines as both the hands of the operator remain free in convenience of feeding and discharging the Labels/Cartons/Bags. While in Hand Operated Batch Printing/Coding Machine in addition of feeding and discharging the Labels/Cartons/Bags by hand, the stroke of the machine is also operated by hand.

Technical Details: :

Control Unit
Atron Size 325 mm x 185 mm Maximum
100 mm x 50 mm Minimum
Output 125 Carton Per Minute
180 Carton Per Minute
250 Carton Per Minute
Power 0.25 HP/1440 RPM/414 V/3 Phase
Use Of Letters Metal Type & Rubber Stereo
Dimensions 863 mm (34″) Length
762 mm (30″) Width
610 mm (24″) Height
Net Weight 115 Kgs. Approx
Gross Weight 175 Kgs. Approx