Automatic Ampoule and Vial Sticker (Self-Adhesive) Labeling Machine

Rotary labeler, Rotary Vial labelling machine

Rotary labeler, Rotary Vial labelling machine

Fully Automatic, User Friendly, Sticker (Self-Adhesive) Labelling Machine, Suitable to apply accurate Labels on Round shaped products having PET, Plastic, HDPE, LDPE, Glass or any other surface. Machine specially designed to apply labels on unstable cylindrical products at higher speed with better accuracy.

The Machine incorporates latest sophisticated microprocessor Controlled Stepper Motor Drive, Fiber Optic Label and Container sensing system. Sticker Labeling machines are 100% User Friendly, Virtually Maintenance Free and does not require Data Inputs for Label Size.

Salient Features: Rotary ampoule labeling machine , Rotary Vial labeler , Rotary Ampoule labeler , Rotary Vial labeling machine

  • No change parts for container and label size in standard shaped containers
  • Precise Label Placement Accuracy
  • Single Point on-line Speed Variation control system
  • Built In A.C. Freq. Drive System
  • Output upto 200 labels per minute.
  • Fully Stainless Steel Finish including main machine frame
  • Optionally online coding system

Technical Details: Rotary ampoule labeling machine , Rotary Vial labeler , Rotary Ampoule labeler , Rotary Vial labeling machine

Label Data Inputs Not required due to In Built Automatic Label Length Detection System
Label Placing Adjustments User Friendly And Simple
Pass-Word System Fully Protected, Not required by operator
Voltage Fluctuations Self-Protected for Voltage Fluctuations
Speed Variation Single Point Speed Variation Control – Synchronizing all operations
Label Length Unlimited Label Length
Maintenance Virtually Maintenance Free Machine
Spool Largest 400mm diameter


Rotary labeler, Rotary Vial labelling machine


Applications:  Various kinds of ampoules. oral liquid bottles, vials etc with diameter 10mm-30mm(or customized size), be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry


The versatile High Speed vial labeler medicine injection production line is armed with the newest and fastest Control technology(optional). With just a click of its one-touch screen, Operator can easily adjust the various settings for your product needs.


  • Rotary & Roller turntable with three positioning to ensure accurate and stable high-speed labeling Systems;
  • Stars wheeled reject device can accurately detect and eliminate errors orderly materials; when high-speed operating.
  • Video detection device to provide a variety of detecting Systems, Labeling detection, leak detection, and printing code detection,substandard goods will be removed and recycled
  • Can choose high-speed hot stamping machine , thermal transfer printer or inkjet printing machine to realize coding synchronously;
  • Supporting equipment running status and alarm information can be real-time reflect in the system.
  • Our machine with servo drivers deliver accurate and high speed repeatable labeling. An easily accessible hand wheel adjuster and side rail quickset adjuster allows more “up-time” on your production line! The SHREE BHAGWATI LABELING  is used in virtually all industries such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products, foods, vitamins, cosmetics, and chemicals, where best-in-class reliability is the mandate for producing efficiently.
  • vaccine injection production line
  • Sophisticated variable frequency drive controller ensure speed stability and ±0.5mm inaccuracy rate.
  • Guide rail portion of this vaccine injection production line is made with high quality aluminum covered with hard-wearing industrial plastic to ensure accurate labeling and product protection, keeping the customer’s product attractive and in perfect condition.
  • Labeler base is made of stainless steel to ensure full anti-rusting. This design ensures the machine and production space sanitation are maintained which is cater for GMP standards.
  • Wheels keep the machine portable, convenient when shifting to different production lines. This supportive mobile strength increases the value of your investment.
  • Adopting high-speed (Japan/France/U.S.A))servo labeling system;
  • Applicable to various types ampoules. oral liquid bottles, vials etc with diameter 10mm-30mm(or customized size)
  • High-precision labeling system, with labeling tolerance 1mm;-Stable speed: > 400 ~ 800 bottles/minute;
  • Intelligent control system to ensure no wrinkles when labeling and no air bubbles for transparent labels;
  • Multi-intelligent inspection system, with perfect combinations of high-speed, precision, stability and reliability
  • he complete machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel and A6061
  • High-strength aluminum alloy, with good appearance and compliance of the specifcation requirements of cGMP, FDA, OSHA, CSA, SGS and CE.
  • medicine injection production line