Servo driven Auger Powder filling machine know Auger filler machine for powders and granules. Servo with Color touch screen base operating systems , Our auger filling machine is built stainless-steel construction, easy-to-remove hopper with Auger tooling and hopper allow is very simple for cleaning and maintenance. Auger filling machine with conveyor , bottle Holding systems , Product sensors, Suitable Auger and funnels to fill powders and transfer for capping line.

Auger Filler

Auger Powder Filler

Automatic auger fillers for low, medium and high-speed applications. All model of Shree Bhagwati auger fillers are servo driven base with different type bottle and Jar handling systems including Pneumatic , start wheel , rotary , inline , indexing and Bottle Puck / Pocket for holding bottle for auger filling and capping line operations.


Servo Auger Powder filler

Servo Auger Powder filler

Auger filling machine and Auger powder filling line Application different powder and granules to fills Per Min depending upon the container size and the product Quantity from 5 grams to 5000 grams,  Baby Talcum Powder , Spices powder, Masala powder filler, hing powder filling line, milk powder powder, food Colours, custard powder filling, chocolate powder, baking powder, Talcum powder, Tooth Powder, Detergent Powder, Pesticides, Milk Powder, Pharmaceutical products like Dry Syrup (Paediatric suspension), Grocery products like Curry Powders, Granular Products like pulses, salt, tea etc. etc,  automatic auger powder filling machine, automatic augur powder filling machine, automatic hing powder filling machine, automatic milk powder filling machine, automatic talcum powder filling machine and automatic churan powder filling machine.