Our Machine suitable for Cream / lotions, adhesives, balms, gums and food, piston, pharmaceutical or cosmetic products in Cream / lotion etc.


The machine is very simple to operate, it consists mainly, one rotating disc with interchangeable tube holding sockets for different size of tubes. Only empty tube should feed manually, after that all process like filling, closing, coding & ejection process is automatic.

Technical Details: :

Model No. SBTFS – 50
Output Speed 20 to 40 tubes/min filling capacity
Volume 5 ml to 100 ml
Tube Size Dia 12 min to 31 max mm
Tube Size Length 50L min to 200L max mm
Power Consumption 2.5 Kw. Max.
Size 1450 (B) x 1150 (D) x 1750 (H)
Net Weight Approx 285 Kgs
Gross Weight Approx 515 Kgs

Salient Features:

  • All operation is fully automatic except feeding of tubes.
  • Sturdy & compact design.
  • No Tube – No fill System to avoid spillage.
  • No Tailing (No Dripping) achieved by special pneumatic string cutter.
  • Digital counter provided for counting the filled tubes.
  • Automatic ejection of the filled & sealed tubes.
  • With few modifications it can be used to fill Tins, Jars, etc.
  • No Tube No Fill device (material will not discharge from hopper, when there is no tube no fill to avoid spillage.
  • Machine is provided with SS hopper with thermostatic control to keep the material hot, while filling for a smooth flow of material while filling in the tubes.
  • Machine is provided with stirring device so that no active ingredients in the material cannot stick to the inner wall of hopper, which contains your material.
  • Machine is supplied with all contact parts made of SS 316 material.
  • 25 – 30 Liters capacity container, acid proof.
  • Motor with variable speed.
  • Size parts of one tube size and one filling products.
  • Tube holders for Aluminium.
  • Pump unit in Stainless Steel for filling volume choose alternatively one (1) 5ml to 10ml (2) 2 – 50ml
  • (3) 3-100ml
  • Relay electrical control systems operating panel with START, STOP.
  • 23 liters container acid proof.
  • No tube No fill device.
  • Blow off for connection to local comp air.