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Fluid Bed Coater, FBC, Fluid bed Processor , FBP

Shree Bhagwati is Leading manufacturing company of wide range and different model range of Fluid bed Coater, Fluid Bed Coater , Wurster Coater , Pellets Coater , Fluid Bed Equipment, Fluid Bed Coater, Fluid Bed Processor, Fluid Bed Granulation, FBD , FBP anbd FBC ,Wurster Coating systems With its standard drying, top spray and bottom spray capabilities, as well as the optional rotor insert, the  SBC-LAB FLUILD BED COATER series are the most versatile laboratory scale fluid bed systems available.


The unique design of the combination product container/Wurster processing insert and integrated solution pump eliminates the need for costly “add-ons”.  The combination product container also allows for quick changeover and cleaning between processes.


1. Top Spray Gruanlation
Spray atomized binder or active ingredients from the top onto the fluidized powder to form the even granules.
2. Bottom Spray Coating
When the hot air passes through the bottom plate of container and partition column, it will generate the siphon effect. The pellets will fall down and then sucked back to the partition column again, while the bottom spray gun will spray coating binder upward to achieve coating purpose.
3. Side Spray Powder Coating/Film Coating
The side spray is better for caoting with high firm content. The cores (seeds) are placed on the turntable disc and hot air is blown upward between the turntable disc and the granulation area. The coating solution is sprayed on the rolling cores through the pump and spray gun. The process involves simultaneous coating and drying of the cores, the repeated actions achieve the desired coating thickness or granule size. Powder coating is achieved by charging powder and spray binder at the same time.


1. Comply with regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA.
2. Bag filter shaking mode: double shaking. (or air purge type)
3. Contact material: SUS316L, inner polishing surface Ra <0.4.
4. Sample taking by sampling vial, for ease of sampling.
5. The material of bag filter is made of polyester fibers and stainless steel fibers with anti-static electricity conductivity cloth. Bag filter lifting by auto pneumatic cylinder.
6. Air inlet system equipped with pre-filter, mid filter, and HEPA 99.97% 0.3μ to ensure the cleanness of inlet air.
7. Critical parameter graph controlling: temperature, humidity, air flow, spray volume, etc.
8. Top spray: adopted SCHLICK modular single-head spray gun, even spray pattern and fast granulation.
9. Multi-purposes: one machine can perform multiple functions, drying, granulation, powder coating, pellet film coating, pellet enteric coating.
10. Two sets of valves are interacting automatically to fluidize the granules continuously.

SPECIFICATION SHEET – Fluid bed  Drying/Top spray/Bottom Spray

Model SB FBDD-2 FBDD-5 FBDD-15 FBDD-30 FBDD-60 FBDD-100 FBDD-150 FBDD-200 FBDD-300 FBDD-400 FBDD-500
Drying capacity
(B.D. 0.5-0.6)
1.2-2 3-5 10-16 20-32 40-65 60-110 100-165 130-220 200-330 260-440 320-560
Granulation capacity
(B.D. 0.4-0.5)
1.2-2 3-5 10-16 20-32 40-65 60-110 100-165 130-220 200-330 260-440 320-560
Bottom spray capacity
(B.D. 0.8)
0.8-2 2-5 6-15 12-30 25-60 40-100 60-150 80-200 120-300 160-400 200-500



Depending on the application or position of their spray system, you may classify the available fluid bed equipment as:

  • Fluid bed drying machine
  • Fluid bed granulation machine
  • Fluid bed coating machine


fluid bed Coater and processing different patterns techniques

Shree Bhagwati


Fluid bed granulator also called fluidized bed granulator, fluid bed granulation process can integrate top spray for granulation and drying in one unit for fluid bed processing.


Shree Bhagwati fluidized bed granulator machine have a modular design, the equipments are custom designed as 2 bar explosion-proof, heavy-duty 10 bar or 12 bar pressure shock resistant and can be adjusted using various options.


Shree Bhagwati Fluid Bed Granulator, top spray granulation technology in the production of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. The development of the fluidized bed since 1988 is unique in the pharmaceuticals industry. Initially extremely effective dryer, fluidized bed spray drying granulation quickly developed into granulators with the use of spray gun.


Shree Bhagwati fluidized bed spray granulation is composed of air handling unit, spray system, filter system, material charging system, WIP washing in place system, safety measures and so on.


Air Handling Unit


Constant air purify, temperature and humidity are among the most important conditions to ensure product quality. Shree Bhagwati provides an approach of fluidized bed system modularized unit combination of air handling unit.



The inlet air is treated in such a procedure as pre-filter, dehumidification, heating, fine filtering, and fluidized bed heat exchanger. It helps to reduce effects from humidity change of environmental air to dehumidify the inlet air, thus to ensure fluidized bed drying process efficiency. Another purpose of the filtering is to prevent the air in fluidizing chamber flowing back to heater, easy for cleaning.



The outlet air has been filtered inside the machine. To meet special emission control regulations, we provide various secondary filtering &dust separation plant, such as spiral type, hop-pocket type, and compound-hydro type.



The exhaust noise is effectively controlled by a silencer or a sound insulation facility.



Spraying system


Spray gun is the core of bed dryer granulator, which is one of the most important factors affecting the process, like proportion between ointment and powder in granulates of Chinese medical fluidextract, bond dosage in granulates of western medicine, granularity distribution, conformity ratio, and coating quality, etc.



Shree Bhagwati provides spray nozzles of various sizes and optimized structural design, which ensures ideal liquid distribution modes, such as double-layer and tri-layer adjustable spraying nozzle, single port spray nozzle, multi-port spray nozzle, to match with different process requirements.


Fluid bed Coater - Liquid spray is in the bottom section

Fluid bed Coater – Liquid spray is in the bottom section

Spray gun is an optional item for your special process requirements.


Moreover, the optimized structure and the excellent processing technology make it convenient to operate and clean. Liquid pump will supply medium of spray gun. We provide various pulse pump, gear pump, and diaphragm pump. Moreover, we can choose a special device to preserve temperature of solutions and atomized air for specific medium, to ensure stable characteristic of the medium supplied to spray nozzle.


Filter system


Shree Bhagwati FBG Series fluidized bed dryer granulator, the basic to smoothly implement the fluid bed process is that the material should be in a good state of fluidization, which will be continued through the high efficient fluid bed granulation process of powder cleaning.


Single filter chamber or double filter chamber pneumatic shake is available. Because of specials sealing structure and connection mode, it maintains high efficiency in powder cleaning, sufficient enough to carry out difficult process operations.


Pulse counter-blow powder cleaning system is another facility of Shree Bhagwati, which blows out high pressure air flow through a special spray nozzle, which implements the process of powder cleaning by circulatory counter-blowing through a stainless steel canister filter.


The stainless steel canister filter is special structure and material, which makes it possess excellent filtering and cleaning performances, extremely high filtering precision (3-5μm), and long use life.


Moreover, it provides a possibility of washing in process(WIP) for equipment to adopt a stainless steel canister filter. Of course, the fiber canister filter can be applied in the pulse counter-blow powder cleaning system.


Another important feature, which cannot be ignored, is that pulse counter-blow powder cleaning helps to maintain a relatively stable loaded pressure of the fluid bed, which is obviously advantageous in certain process operations.


As a matter of fact, no matter a sack filter or a canister filter, both can apply the air bag sealing, to separate the filter chamber and fluidizing, which helps to disassemble the filter very fast and conveniently, also helpful for personnel protection.


Shree Bhagwati as a leading FBG fluid (fluidized) bed granulator manufacturers and supplier, we always not let you down, as we trying to build up our brand which is associated the feedbacks from you, so your satisfied is our motivation. We persist driven to satisfy, driven to the fluidized bed granulator machine that exceed your expectations in price, quality, and delivery.

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