We are a leading Manufacturer of injectable Vial powder filler machine, vial powder filling machine, dry injection filling machine, vial dry powder filling machine, injectable dry powder filling machine and double wheel vial powder filling machine , Automatic Injectable Dry Powder Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine SBPF-60 GMP Model

We Have Developed New Dry Powder Filling Machine According to Container. One Machine For Your 5 ML To 50 ML Container.


Automatic Injectable Powder Filling with Rubber Stoppering is a compact model used for filling Stoppering of Dry Powder Injectable in to vials


The incoming dry container sterilized are fed through the Unscrambled and suitably guided on the moving delrin flat conveyor belt at the required speed of the correct placement below powder wheel. The sterilized powder is stored in powder hopper is agitated by pair of mechanical agitators for maintaining consistency and uniform bulk density. The powder wheel having eight ports rotates at the pre determined speed below the powder hopper with practically no clearance. Powder wheel consist of Piston in each port and behind the powder wheel vacuum plate is provided there is no clearance between powder wheel and vacuum plate due to back spring pressure. Precise volume of powder is sucked in to the port of powder wheel during vacuum according to the piston length different fill size can be achieved. The excess powder is doctored off by a doctor blade. Doctor blades can be adjusted from outside also without removing powder hopper. When powder wheel indexes further and remain in the port due to the vacuum till it reaches just vertically above the container. The time dose of Compressed air (Nitrogen Gas), sterilized low pressure air sequentially flushes out powder from the port of powder wheel in to the container one by one. The filled containers are immediately separated on the conveyor by vial separator and moves further for Stop Pering operation. (Different grooves separator can be used which depends on the container diameter or multiple dosing systems). The sterilized, silicon zed, rubber stoppers stored in the vibrator bowl moves to vibratory bowl and stacked vertically in the rubber stopper chute. The container is hold firmly between pair or timing belt to pickup rubber stopper from exit end of the chute. Further the container is passed between two pressing roller for tight fit fixing of rubber stopper.

Technical Details: :

Model SBPF-60
Direction Left To Right.
Production Rate Up to 120 Fills / Min for Single Dose.

Up to 30 Fills / Min for Four Dose.

Fill Capacity 60mg to 1.5gm Single Dose (with Change Parts) 1.5 gms to 6 gms. Double, Triple and Four Doses. Fill range depending upon vial opening and bulk density of powder. Under controlled level of Humidity (i.e. 25%)
Accuracy ±1% depending upon consistency and uniformity of bulk density of Injectable powder
Electrical Supply 1.00 HP For Main Drive.
0.50 HP For Unscrambler.0.50 HP For Scrambler.
Power Requirement 440 Volts, 3 Phase (4 wire System) 50 Hz.
Height of Conveyor Adjustable from 800 To 850 MM
Dimensions 3028 mm (L) x 1093 mm (W) x 1885 mm (H)
Net Weight 800 KGS. (Approx.)
Gross Weight 1200 KGS. (Approx.)
Vial Diameter 25 mm to 45 mm max.
Height 75 mm maximum.
Rubber Stopper 20 mm diameter.
Pneumatic Air Filtered, oil free, sterile low pressure AIR at 2 kg/cm2 (2/3 bar)
Vacuum line 20 HG. (Pump will be supplied by S.B.)
  • Pure Air Filter, Vacuum Pump
  • Oil Free Air Compressors
  • Online Pre-Media Filling Arrangements
  • Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI
  • Cabinet covering full machine

Salient Features:

  • M.S. moulded structure duly powder coated to avoid any vibration with adjustable screws to adjust conveyor height as per in feed tunnel.
  • All parts and assemblies coming in contact with powder and rubber stopper are made of S.S.316 and easily removable for mandatory Autoclaving/ Sterilization.
  • “NO VIAL, NO FILL” System eliminates wastage of costly powder.
  • Spring loaded Teflon top seal for powder hopper reduces the friction between and top seal and avoid chance of white particle shading during production.
  • Doctor blade and wiper blade can be adjusted from outside also without disturbing any production, which saves lot of time, powder wastage and chances of area condition disturbance.
  • All assemblies under top plate are positioned as for easy cleaning or maintenance.
  • Multiple dosing of Inject able powder or changeover of container size and different fill size is possible by just changing the vial separator or size of the piston respectively.
  • All driving is through High quality imported Gear motor for better machine performance without vibration or leakage of oil of area floor from gear box.
  • Machine speed can be adjusted through A.C. Frequency drive, which is time saving and easy to synchronize Unscrambled and scrambler speed with machine speed.
  • Machine is provided with delrin conveyor belt to avoid sticking of vial on conveyor.
  • Special clutch devices are provided on vial separator for safety purpose.
  • Vibratory bowl for rubber Stoppering unit support to run machine with total claimed speed of machine.
  • Air filter will be of S.S.316 housing with Nylon cartridge for proper removal of particle of 0.22 micron having 10″ length.
  • Vacuum filter will be of PVC transparent material with nylon cartage having length of 10″.
  • Imported Gear Motor for Main drive, Unscrambled and scrambler.
  • A.C. Frequency drives for Main drive, Unscrambled and Scrambler.
  • Pre and Post Gassing unit for Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide flushing.
  • Pure air filters for Air and Vacuum.
  • “No Vial, No Filling System”.
  • “No Stopper in Chute, Machine Stop System”
  • Vacuum pump.
  • Acrylic Cabinet with Imported Aluminium Structure for Machine, Unscrambled and Scrambler.